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Dear future English language students at Peartree Languages

Dear future Peartree students,

Hello, we are three girls, our names are Lucia, Anastasia and Antia and we are fourteen and sixteen years old. We are staying in Cardiff for three weeks. We are going to tell you about our life in Wales.
Lucia, Antia and Anastasia, learning English at Peartree Languages, writing the blog

Don’t worry about the weather, here it rains a lot but you can have fun as well. If it’s raining, you will do activities inside: going to the cinema, to museums, bowling, to the swimming pool…. When it’s sunny you will do activities outside: visit castles (Wales has a lot of them), you can’t go without visiting Cardiff castle, go to the beach, visit other cities, going to parks

Beach trip, learning English in Wales

Here the food is different from other countries and if you think you’ll miss something from your country, bring it, you’ll always have sandwiches for lunch or can buy something in the nearest cafe, but you’ll always have lunch with your friends and dinner with your host family. Don’t worry if you’re the only person from your country, you’ll never be alone and you’ll make a lot of friends with other nationalities. You can’t go without trying fish and chips because it’s the most typical food here. 

Peartree Languages students, practicing English communication in the park

Now we’re going to talk about the clothes you have to bring, especially summer and winter clothes, for example: jackets, jumpers, sweaters, short and long trousers, and some t-shirts because here the weather changes a lot.

Climbing is one of our activities in Junior Summer School

Don’t worry about your family and friends, you can speak to them using internet, because the WiFi is everywhere here. We recommend that you come here because it is a good experience, you learn a lot of English and you have lots of fun.

We hope this information will be useful for you. Enjoy your trip!

Lucia (Spain), Anastasia (Russia), Antia (Spain).

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