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My Experience - by Natalia Sannikova from Russia

The English Language Summer School now seems to be ages away, of course Peartree Languages offers quality English language courses all year, so don't worry!

The summer is long gone (even though it’s only September), but I still remember those amazing days spent exploring Cardiff and other interesting places in South Wales, while seeing our students develop and learn more and more English language every day. What do the juniors think about that, though? Look and read on. Natalia Sannikova from Russia was one of our blog post winners and she is going to share her experience from Cardiff of English language learning. Enjoy!

Natalia learning English at school

Hello everybody!

My name is Natalia, I’m from Russia. Here in Cardiff I’m learning English. In this blog I’ll try to tell you all about my trip. I arrived in London and took a train to Cardiff. First thing I noticed were … people. Welsh are more friendly and you don’t have to be in a hurry. It was a nice surprise. Next day we went to Cardiff Castle. It’s really huge! I can’t imagine, how people in the past built it. I even couldn’t pick up a stone from it! But I like the castle very much. So, the day was super and I liked it.
Natalia Sannikova, Tyumen, Russia

Moody Cardiff Castle Photo
Can you spot Natalia at the Castle among her friends?

Natalia's friends from Oman and Spain, all learning English with Peartree. 

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