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Spend your day in Cardiff Bay

If someone asks me which part of Cardiff is my favourite, I usually say two places – the Millennium Stadium and Cardiff Bay.
I think everybody understands why I would say the Millennium Stadium. I don’t need to mention the Rugby fever that comes every November and carries on till the end of the 6 Nations Championship, especially if Wales is the winner. So fingers crossed for this season, by the way!

But why is Cardiff Bay one of my favourite places too? Well, that is a very good question. In my opinion, Cardiff Bay is a very interesting place. In one single place you can find a symbol of democracy and order in the country (Welsh Assembly), a centre of high Culture (Millennium Centre and BBC studios), an introduction into Welsh history and history of Cardiff Bay (Pier Head) or places with lots of possibilities for spending your free time (Dragon Centre or Dr. Who Experience). And I can’t forget to mention the lovely walk (or cycling tour) that you can have down the Cardiff Bay barrage. 


And this should be the approximate programme for our NEXT TRIP. So on Saturday, 15th of November, we are going for a tour to Cardiff Bay. Save this date if you would like to join us. I (Tereza) will take you to the Welsh Senedd, where one of our good friends, Gareth, will give you a tour around the whole building and explain you how the Welsh Government works. After the tour, you might have a walk down the barrage (depends on the weather) or have some refreshment in one of the cafes in the Bay. 

The Barrage in Cardiff Bay

In the afternoon you can show your friends from Peartree Languages your bowling skills in the nearest Red Dragon Centre. Do not worry if you have not been bowling yet, everyone has to start somewhere. 

In the case of bad weather the plan will be a bit different and you will not have a walk down the barrage, but a tour around Cardiff Bay.

Now, here are the most important details:

When exactly is the trip? – The trip takes place on Saturday 15th of November.

Where is the meeting point? – The meeting point by Burger King at the Central Station.

When is the meeting time? – The meeting time is at 9:30am.

How much do you need to pay in advanced? –You will need to pay £5.50 for the bowling in advance and we will book the game for you.
You will need to buy your own bus ticket (from City Centre to Cardiff Bay and back) and pay for your own expenses like refreshment etc.

Who is going with you? – I (Tereza) will be the official Peartree Languages representative for this trip.

How to sign up? – Please sign up at the Welcome Desk (reception). You will just need to pay the fee of £5.50 and I will write down your name and your phone number.

I hope we inspired you and you will decide to spend one Saturday with me in Cardiff Bay.

Have a lovely weekend!

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