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Tereza Tothova, Student Experience Coordinator at Peartree since January 2013. Say ‘ahoj’ to our brilliant Slovak!

Well, at least that is her official title. We also know Tereza or Terezia (?!) as TSEC, TMO or Slovakia’s number one Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes fan! It was in fact Tereza’s birthday this week so the perfect time and the perfect person to begin our ‘Introducing…’ section of our Peartree Life blog. Every few weeks we will introduce you to a different member of our Peartree family so you can get to know us better. 

Here she is!

Let’s start with a typical Tereza word…’basically’. Basically, our Tereza comes from Slovakia. She originally started working at Peartree in 2012 and ‘basically’ we just couldn’t let her go so in January 2013 she returned on a three month contract to help us to prepare for a Trade Fair in Prague #EnglishUK. But we still couldn’t say good bye as she became a more and more important part of our team. Now, one and a half years later Tereza can help you with anything from finding accommodation, enrolling you in your classes, organising your activities, taking your photo at coffee time and even giving you her weekly suggestions for how you can best spend your free time. According to Tereza, she “sees many things”, basically, I think this means that she has a good sixth sense. Maybe we should also call her…


So, what else can we tell you about our Tereza? Well, Tereza started working life back in Trencin as a part-time journalist, while she was studying at university. (Where is Trencin?! – see below). 

While taking a career break she traveled to Canada and she also really likes Greece, having visited many islands. As I said she is also a huge fan of Doctor Who (filmed right here in Cardiff, in case you didn’t know!) and loves trying out new restaurants around the city, on her way to or from the cinema usually. 

Her own small TARDIS on holiday

On a serious note, Tereza is here at Peartree every day and is more than happy to help our students, so why not ask her a question, in English, Slovak or Czech....?!

čoskoro sa uvidíme!



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