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Week at Peartree and our first Coffee Time

I don't know about you, but for us it has been a busy week. Every week is busy, though. We welcomed a couple of new students, were very happy with the FCE results of our students from Summer, (everybody passed by the way) and unfortunately needed to say ''good bye'' to some long-term students as well. But one thing was a bit special this week and it was our MONDAY COFFEE TIME. 
Tristan is explaining something
As we mentioned before, every Monday is our 'Coffee Time with Peartree Languages'. For those who do not know, it is from 12 pm to 1 pm in Saffron Café (2 minutes from school) and it is a free conversation class- you only have to buy own cup of tea or coffee! 
This Monday was very appropriate for a cup of something hot. The weather was not pleasant at all, but, as Tristan says, Autumn should be like that. Cold, rainy and blustery. So after the students and Tristan had settled in with their drinks and in one case with a big piece of cake (!), the conversations began. Obviously, the dramatic change in weather was the first topic, as the weather so often is in Britain- whether you are queuing in the super market, buying tickets for your bus or travelling somewhere, weather is the number one ice-breaker. This is a feature of British culture (which was another topic of conversation). 
Because some of our students are willing to take the FCE exam or IELTS exam, the rest of the time was taken up with questions and exchanging information about how to pass successfully. We were very happy that our week started with such a great number of students (7) for our Coffee Time and we can't wait for next Monday!

Everybody is welcome and you do not need to sign up for the free "conversation class". If you don't know where Saffron Café is, just come to our main office and we will show you. Next week Tristan will be hosting Coffee Time again, but Dan has promised to pop in as well! 

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