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The greatest hits of October!

Winter is coming, definitely and irreversibly. The weather is colder, crazier (though I am not sure if it is only because it is autumn / winter, or because we are in Wales) and you can feel winter in the air (and somewhere else too if you don’t have a warm jacket). The only thing that you can do now is get ready for it.
Yuki (Japan) and Antonio (Brazil)
Check the range of nationalities at school in our chart
But let’s be honest October was pretty generous to us and I am not talking only about the weather right now. Lots of things happened at Peartree in October and we would like to share some details with you. So make a nice cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the reading.

October overview

Coffee time – A couple of weeks ago we started our free Monday conversation class, where you can practice your English and meet other students from Peartree Languages. Coffee time takes place every Monday from 12pm to 1pm and it is in a cafeteria very close to Peartree Languages. Since the beginning our students have discussed with a Peartree Languages’ teacher – Tristan (and Daniel) a wide variety of topics from different academic exams, to Halloween, St. David and of course the British topic n. 1 – WEATHER!

Our first coffee time

The whole October and the beginning of November our coffee time was hosted by Saffron Cafe. But, from next Monday 10th of November, it will be hosted by a new Italian place in Canton – Calabrisella. Our Italian friends and our ex-students / current students have started their own business this week. We are more than happy that they agreed to host our Coffee Time from next Monday.

 If you are not sure where Calabrisella is, please check the link or wait for Tristan at Peartree and he will take you there.  
Ciao Salvatore! – Calabrisella, Canton
Peartree Life – Everybody writes a blog these days and it is one of the most popular ways of communication and social media. In October Peartree Languages launched TWO new blogs, in addition to our existing monthly Teaching and Learning blog. Our Peartree Life, that you are reading now, is written to bring you all the news from the school. 

In October we joined this massive community of organisations that write their own blog and try to bring you a weekly, or in this case monthly, overview. The numbers of views of our blog posts are fascinating and we are very happy, that our blog has reached such a successful point. The number of all views has been 234 (in four weeks) and the top is 68 (!) views for one day.
We can just hope that these numbers will improve week by week and we would like to thank you for reading us.

What’s OnWhat’s On (the second new blog) is our weekly poster with suggestions of venues for your free time. From cinema, music or other culture events to sport. What’s On has been a part of our students services for a long time, but in October we decided to change the format and start to publish it as a blog post. The numbers look very good as well and the blog has more than 240 views by now. So get inspired for your next week and check what’s going on in Cardiff. 

Peartree Teaching and Learning blog – It will be two years since Tristan began to write his own monthly Teaching and Learning blog. The topics cover more or less the topics for English teachers, but everybody is more than welcome to have a look and maybe find some new words that can help you to improve your English. Since the first post, the blog has had more than 2,300 views and the top was 71 views in one day. Tristan particularly enjoys writing of this blog and he finds the inspiration almost everywhere, but mainly in his own classes. So don’t be surprised if you will find a hidden link for a situation that happened in your own class and do not hesitate to ask him more. 

Peartree Teaching and Learning Blog

Number of classes – In October we were running around 35 General English classes per week and that is not even counting the private classes and foreign language classes. We can say that the school is as busy as in the summertime, usually the busiest time of the year. Not anymore though and we do not think that November will bring us more relaxing time. 
Student nationalities – Even more exciting than the fantastic number of students and classes that we have running well into the winter is the range of nationalities you can find in our school. If you are looking for a really international school, where there is not majority domination by any one particular nationality, then Peartree Languages is the school for you. Just take a look at our chart below. 

Find your nationality in our chart

Finally, as if all of that was not enough good news, when students who left Peartree in October were asked in final feedback if they would recommend Peartree to friends a massive 100% said YES!


We are ready for winter!

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