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What a mixed bag!

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mixed bag
  1. a diverse assortment of things or people.

It was a real treat for me to teach English for Lunch today! It was the kind of lesson where you go in with a plan, but actually, all the input came from the students, who had plenty of questions and it was my pleasure to answer.

Keep on reading for just a small selection of some of the language we talked about;

Different categories of job: professional, skilled, unskilled, manual We also looked at a few jobs that are not so common anymore like ‘milk man’ and ‘dust man’. Do you know what kind of work that involves?

Next on the list from Bader was the noun ‘nostalgia’ and its adjective ‘nostalgic’. From that we bounced around to the verb ‘to yearn’ which I discovered has an alternative spelling ‘to yen’! From there we moved to the words yearning, craving and missing and talked about the subtle differences in meaning. Do you have any cravings right now?

Last of all, we had a chance to practice the three pronunciation endings of regular ‘ed’ verbs. Our old friends, berT, freD and siD. How many verbs can you list in each category and which is the most common?

See you next time for more stories about Nicky’s trip to Japan and of course, more help on how to use your new English language skills, while learning even more!
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  1. Thank you for telling us your great memories in Japan. I really look foward to the story about your trip!