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Caught in a time warp? By Dorine!

A Matter of time - Now the fall is here, and with this part of the year, the last one, starts the final rush. You have to find Christmas’ gifts, or you think about your new year’s eve resolutions (not accomplished from last year) or for many other reasons which you press you for time. This is the critical period where you hardly have time to breathe.

So this weekend is the perfect moment to recharge your battery and enjoy the daylight changes. One extra-hour to sleep, or watch the T.V., or this hour can just be a chance to dream of new opportunities... Maybe even the last chance as The European Commission are going to think about deleting these daylight changes.

Give us your opinion: do you think that this debate is a waste of time? Will stopping this change really buy time? Or, at just the opposite, will it be a complete time bomb?

A brief history of time - First, go back in time and see why we have to change our clocks twice a year, when technology didn’t do it automatically for us.

Most of the countries in the world don’t use our daylight saving time. The birth of daylight changes is quite new, only a little more than one hundred years old. Compared to the timeline of the universe, it is a drop in the ocean. During World War One, some generals gathered to make a new rule. It was established in 1916 and abandoned at the end of the Second World War. Unfortunately with the economic crisis in 1973 and its consequences, governments agreed to go back and use this system again with the main goal being to save energy.

Nowadays, are we stuck in the time loop? Or, does our society still need to have this saving?

Behind the times - Maybe I am old-fashioned, but I really enjoy all the good and bad times I spent with my friends and my family around some pastries talking about our lives and our projects. During these moments, there are no questions of being in a hurry and running for something. We always find a day to be together and share food, laughs and play cards.

Even if now we have a devil of a time to get together in the same place, we try to gather round for the big events, like Christmas and birthdays. And we love these face-to-face times.

The time has come - Before leaving you I have the last question: how many expressions related to time you could find in this post? 

Famous Clock in Rouen - France 
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