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Word pairs and listening! Lots to do in our English for Lunch

Last week, in English for Lunch, we had already finished our series of common collocations in the English language. We had seen prepositions that collocate with adjectives (Don't be afraid of challenging yourself!), verbs (You can benefit from being in a positive learning environment!), nouns (Overcome your difficulties in speaking English!) and, finally, some common word pairs.

Do you think you can match them?

cheap         and        span
fish                           sound
spick                         chain
safe                          bobs
first                           chips
ball                           mirrors
hit                             foremost
bits                           cheerful
smoke                      miss

Many of our students say that they find it difficult to understand real English. So, we thought of a great exercise that would not only improve their listening skills but also give them an opportunity to practise speaking.

We listened to about 1 minute of a British drama episode without any subtitles, while students tried to understand everything that was said during a short dialogue (even those quick difficult words in-between). After that, students could check in pairs and help each other with difficult sounds, words and expressions. Finally, we all checked the dialogue with the English subtitles and could role-play the situation paying attention to linking sounds, rhythm and intonation.

It's an easy exercise you can do at home and that can help you to learn new words and have a good feel of natural English.

Let us know what do you like to listen to in order to practise your listening skills.

See you then!
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