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Foreign language education decreases in UK schools

The UK has always been known for being rather slow with language education. Many schools don’t offer a good spectrum of foreign languages to choose from while others can’t seem to motivate students for non-compulsory subjects like these. The latest events of A-Level results showed how little education in languages has been done in the last couple of years.

The Guardian even reported on the situation concerning French and German: “About 3,000 students sat German A-levels, a drop of 16% on last year and a 45% fall since 2010. French, the most popular modern foreign language, also suffered a steep decline, as part of a shift by students away from humanities towards the stem subjects of science, maths and computing.” 

This shows that the amount of students taking German as a foreign language in their A-Levels has almost halved since 2010. So why do students prefer other subjects other foreign languages?

Many students in British schools have migrant parents and are already used to speaking different languages with different people. Where a Saudi family might speak Arabic at home, their daughter will use English with no problems at school and with friends outside of the family home. These resources and talents need to be used in order to encourage today’s students as well as the officials in charge.

A change in these parts of education is just as important as providing students with sound knowledge of mathematics and physics. These benefits are useful for later work placements in international companies and especially the financial sector.

The Guardian added: 
“The decline prompted calls by some school leaders for the reintroduction of compulsory study of foreign languages up to GCSE level, a policy abolished in 2004. Mark Herbert, the British Council’s director of education and skills said [...] “Our research shows that Mandarin will be one of the most important languages for the UK’s future prosperity and global standing – but we mustn’t neglect Spanish, French and German, which will still be vital post-Brexit,”.

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