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Keep calm and carry on

Keep calm /kɑːm/ and carry on. It’s only phrasal verbs!

I couldn’t wait to get on with English for Lunch last week and help students, who we get along with really well, to come up with their own phrasal verbs and also get over their fears of this tricky topic. After put down a few basics like ‘get up’, ‘come on’ and ‘catch up’, we tried to get through as many difficult collocations as possible and Salim brought up some really complicated examples. However, nobody could get over how similar the pronunciation of ‘come’ and ‘calm’ is, which just didn’t add up for some of our students and we had to go over the pronunciation quite a few times.

Can you tell the difference? 
Calm = /kɑːm/ (long sound)
Come = kʌm (shorter sound)

So, finally after we took care of a few questions and even came across a new verb (thanks Abdullah!), ‘to pat’ something / something, we ended up pretty worn out and decided to call it a day until next Thursday, when there will be a whole new topic to deal with!

See you there!
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