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Time for your English to take off!

Last week, in English for Lunch, we carried on with our series of lessons on phrasal verbs (or multiword verbs). We had already seen some formed with 'get'. However, another good way to remember them is thinking about the common prepositions that collocate with these verbs.

One that can be quite tricky is 'off'. Of course, you can switch off the lights or get off the bus (as opposed to switching the lights on or getting on the bus), but sometimes the meaning is not that obvious.

We can put on our clothes (get dressed), but put off a meeting (postpone it), for example. If you are getting undressed though, you would be taking off your clothes. However, if a plane is taking off, it means it is on the runway leaving the ground.

Can you think of other phrasal verbs we can use with off?

Don't doze off during your lessons and don't be put off by new challenges! Join us this Thursday for our English for Lunch.

See you!
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