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Last week, in English for Lunch, we started a new series of lessons on multiword verbs (also known as phrasal verbs).

In English, we have some verbs that may have a completely new meaning when followed by a preposition. We began by taking a look at the verb 'to get, which, by itself, already has multiple definitions. If I say "I didn't get what you said", it means I didn't understand or hear someone. "I got a new shirt" means I bought it. And when I get the bus, it means I catch it.

What if we add a preposition to 'get? Can you find out the meaning of these common phrasal verbs?

With 10 pounds a week, it's hard to get by.
I couldn't get my ideas across.
He got up early in the morning.
We get off at the next stop.
He doesn't really get along with his dad.
The thief managed to get away from prison.

(Put these out of order)
Rise from bed
Disembark (the bus)
Have a good relationship

This Thursday we'll carry on taking a look at phrasal verbs. Join us!
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