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What you missed in our 'English for lunch' class

Here at Peartree Languages we’re always chuffed* when students come to our English for lunch sessions. It’s a great chance to make new friends and practise your language skills. One of the most common things students say is that it can be really hard to understand spoken English outside of school!

Not only has the UK got a great variety of accents (some tricky even for the native ear), but it also has its own vocabulary (or should we say some very British words…?). So, while in America you could say, ‘I’m taking out the trash’, in the UK, people would say, ‘I’m taking out the rubbish*’. We don’t say ‘truck’ in the UK, but ‘lorry*`. And when you see something shocking, you can say you are ‘utterly gobsmacked’*!!!.

Last time at English for Lunch, we practised some of these local words in different dialogues (working with rhythm and pronunciation as well).

Take the chance to learn some British words and get a taste of the local variety of English, so nobody can call you ‘daft as a brush’*!

So, next time bring all your mates* and join us for another one!

(*check the words in bold for their meaning) 

And what is coming next? 

Do you ever make / do / have a mistake when you make / do / have your homework?! (Which is the correct verb…)
Don’t worry! Help is at hand in English for Lunch on 25th January at 12.30pm. We will be revising the use of these confusing verbs (make, do, have) and other corrections from the week. Don’t miss it, see you there!
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