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My brain is fried!

This is what Angel from Olot is saying at the end of day on his intensive course! This is a great, natural English expression to use when you want to let people know that you have reached your information limit. Try is out!

That wasn’t all we learned in this week’s English for Lunch. This was a great session if you want to MAKE progress and stop MAKING mistakes in English, even though we know that you always DO your best it’s not always easy to DO the right thing when it comes to studying. You might have guessed, we studied some of the main collocations with the verbs ‘make’ and ‘do’. In case you missed it, here is a quick list:

Make: a profit / loss, a mistake, a noise, a mess, a friend, a phone call, progress Do: a favour, your homework, the housework, your best, business

And it didn’t end there, we also looked at the pronunciation of ‘says’, ‘action’ and ‘depends on’.

So, that’s the end of my session, Everton, what is coming up next week?

Thanks, Nicky! =)

By the way, have you guys ever wondered why words in English just seem to run together??? ‘I wanna cuppa tea!’ (What happened to all those ‘ofs’ and ‘tos’ you have to learn?!?). That’s not just because people are always in a hurry!

Well, next Thursday we’re getting into the English rhythm! We’ll work on our fluency and find out how to sound more natural! Come and join us then!
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