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Down Under Adventure: Mofli and so much more… with Olga Gimenez Traver

Did you know that Peartree Languages first opened in September 2005? That is more than 12 years ago! Over time we have had so many wonderful students and staff at the school and we try to keep in touch with as many people as possible. One of our ex-students, Olga from Spain, has been a friend of the school for many years after studying with us and I am catching up with her at our local Italian coffee shop (the wonderful Calabrisella - business of other ex Peartree students!), to find out about her amazing trip to Australia. This was Olga’s childhood dream come true, so let’s find out more!!

Dates of the trip: 07 /11 - 28/11 2017 

Why did you want to go to Australia? 

“This was my dream since I was a child, I saw a TV cartoon series called MOFLI about a koala who was always in danger, one lady helped the koala and it just stayed in my mind! I wanted to visit Australia!”

Where did you visit exactly? 


What was your favourite part of the trip? 

“Visiting MOFLI (koala) and the kangaroos! I could be very close to them, though it's not allowed to hold a koala, but I could pet Maggy, that was my dream come true. But I found out that MOFLI is not an Australian series, it is, in fact, Spanish and the place Rivermint does not exist!! That was a shock, but well, I got over it (see YouTube clip). Also, I loved the Blue Mountains. I met a wonderful woman called Helen, who took me to Bondi beach. She will be a life-long friend, we had a real connection.” 

What would you recommend other travellers to see? 

“Everything! Sydney is expensive, I used couch surfing, it’s a good way to meet locals and it’s free to sleep in someone’s house. Usually, it’s expected that you do things with the people and cook with them. I stayed with four people, who I would never have met if it wasn’t for couch surfing. Also, the Sydney opera house (I went every day), the history of the aborigines is fascinating too. It was an amazing trip!”

Are you an ex-student of Peartree Languages who has taken a wonderful trip, has an unusual hobby or has gone on to find their dream job? Or, anything else you would like to share? Get in touch, we would love to hear from you!!

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