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The Great Get Together, an amazing event in Canton tomorrow!

Everyone in Canton is talking about a big gathering on Saturday, the 17th of June.
So, what is this event called “The Great Get Together” about?

It is a street party organised by the traders in Llandaff Road who provide a great opportunity for getting together with neighbours, families and also for people who want to make new friends, enjoy food and drinks and also to take part in various activities.

The street party is taking place on Llandaff Road on the Gray Lane between the back of the shops and the car park. Many shops like The Apothecary, Cherrybomb Tattoo and Callabrisella are involved and have decided to prepare food, drinks and activities to celebrate The Great Get Together.

We are going to be there too and our school, Peartree Languages, can not wait to give free Spanish lessons for everyone who wants to get a taste of the Spanish language.

Jo Cox was the inspiration for creating this amazing event
all around the United Kingdom
But who started the Great Get Together and why is it so important to us? The Great Get Together is inspired by the politician Jo Cox who died last year on the 16th of June. Her family and friends decided to organise this initiative of getting together on little street parties or any different arrangements that enable the possibility of spending time together with the neighbours, friends and to strengthen the community.

The world reminds us of many differences that tear up the society. Nevertheless, we need to realise that our differences do not overweight the things that connect us as human beings. As Jo Cox said in her first speech to parliament: “We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us”. Furthermore, we easily forget in our everyday life, how important it is to be in touch with the people we love and who brighten our life. So, we should try to spend our time with all the people in our surrounding or even to get to know new people. Everything is about coming together, talking, laughing and enjoying your time. So bring all your friends and beloved ones and have a great time in Canton!

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