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Everything you need to know about the UEFA final match!

Champions League final match is taking place in Cardiff!

Our Peartree team is prepared for the great match and cannot wait to see which team is going to take the trophy home, Juventus or Real Madrid? Ana ‘Bale’ and Margherita ‘Buffon’ are both sure who they will be supporting.

We are on the edge of our seats!

The 3rd of June 2017 is going to be a legendary day for everyone in Cardiff. Thousands of tourists arrived to witness together with the citizens of Cardiff the great Champions League’s final match between Juventus and Real Madrid. The city’s administrations and communities of Cardiff organised many events and festivals to arrange a great atmosphere and to prepare a great time for visitors and citizens as well.

Although, everyone is looking forward to the match between Juventus and Real Madrid, it is important to mention the Women’s Champions League and its final match between Lyon and Saint Germain which was yesterday on the 1st of June 2017. Lyon claimed their fourth Women’s Champions League title with a tense 7-6 win on penalties. Our staff really enjoyed the match!

Football is everywhere in Cardiff now and it all started with the Women’s final match and the Uefa Champions League Festival at Cardiff Bay.

However, there are a lot of things that the city has to take into account. One of them is safety. The police in Cardiff is well prepared and even other police departments of Wales sent additional officers and staff for this big occasion. In the City Center of Cardiff, Cardiff Bay and all around are police officers who control the streets and who ensure for our safety during this exciting and thrilling days. Besides, there is a strict control of the water travel and helicopters are rotating above Cardiff.

In order to provide a great time during this busy and spectacular time in Cardiff, there are some changes concerning the closure of streets and what time the roads are going to be very busy. A map of Cardiff’s streets shall give an overview:

Be prepared that on your way into Cardiff, the road M4 and other main roads are going to be very busy on Saturday the 3rd of June all day and on Sunday the 4th of June as well.

Travellers who come by train need to know that especially Cardiff City Station, Cardiff Queen Street Station and Cardiff Bay station are going to be crowded on the final match and also on Sunday the 4th of June. Furthermore, Cardiff Central Station will provide a transport only through the mainline services to London, the Midlands and West Wales. Customers of local Cardiff and valleys should use the Queen Street Station.

In the city centre, many roads will be closed on the 3rd of June 2017 and also around Cardiff Bay and Castle Street the streets will be closed or diverted. The Westgate Street and North Road/Boulevard de Nantes are closed. On the 2nd of June the Cowbridge Road East, Castle Street and the bottom of North Road will be closed to cars, too.

Make sure that you do not miss the huge Uefa Champions League festival at Cardiff Bay which started on the 1st of June 2017 and is going to be full of attractions until the 4th of June 2017. A stage is placed on the Roald Dahl Pass where bands, DJs and artists can perform and make sure that everyone enjoys the atmosphere at the festival. Moreover, workshops are taking place and partners of Uefa Champions League like adidas, BT Sport, Nissan and many other partners are offering activities that you should not miss. So, go out and have some fun!

If you do not have a ticket for the final match you should not be concerned about missing it. There are a lot of pubs and places where you can watch it together with friends or other visitors. In the following we listed some pubs and bars:
The Shooters Sports Bar, Owain Glyndwr, The Prince of Wales pub, The Old Arcade, Elevens Bar and Grill, The Glassworkers and many others.

There are also pubs and bars in the vicinity of Cardiff’s City Center. So don’t worry, there are enough pubs and bars which will have a spot for everyone in Cardiff who wants to watch the match between Juventus and Real Madrid.



Pubs and Bars:

Womens Champions League:
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