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Hey there! My name is Busra Terzi and I am 21 years old. I am an intern at Peartree Languages for the next 3 months and I can not wait to have a great time gaining new experiences.

Busra at Peartree Languages
I am from Germany and live in Krefeld which is a spectacular and beautiful city in its own way. Krefeld may not be well known by foreign people but it has some great things to offer like our beautiful castle ‘Burg Linn’ and is worth for a visit if you ever travel to Germany. Krefeld is not only a historical but also a multicultural, an ecofriendly and a modern place.

Even though I was born and raised in Germany, I grew up with the culture and language of my family which is originally Turkish. As my parents taught me that being part of many cultures and speaking more than one language is a privilege and a necessity in a world of globalisation, I have learned to be open-minded and curious from a very young age. Furthermore, it was during my school time when I have discovered my love towards the English language and culture. Besides, I have attended a language course in German sign language which I will hopefully continue with its second course after my time in Cardiff.

In Germany, I am currently studying English and German at the University of Duisburg-Essen to get my Bachelor’s degree in Education, as I want to teach English and German at secondary schools. I had the opportunity of teaching the German language to a refugee class in Germany in a comprehensive school which was a new and exciting experience, because I could be helpful and additionally, extend my knowledge about different cultures and learn some new words, too. I always wanted to do a job that deals with communication and doing something helpful which makes me more than happy to do an internship at Peartree Languages now.

I am a huge fan of reading classics and old books and particularly the works of English feminine novelist like Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf and the Bronte sisters. However, my most favourite novel is ‘The Alchemist’ written by Paulo Coelho, as it is my guiding book through life and helped me realise why it is always a good idea to fulfil your dreams even if they sound unusual and seem to be impossible to accomplish. Next to reading, I love writing little stories and everything that comes into my mind. Besides, the stage is my second home. I have played in many different plays and was in a drama group during my high school time.

Now I am ready to get started in Cardiff, to learn more about the Welsh people, to see new places and of course to learn more about the working atmosphere and duties in a language school.

See you all in Peartree 
Bis dann in Peartree 
Peartree’de görüşmek üzere!
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