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Federico, our first Peartree Work Placement graduate!

Federico obtained a Peartree Languages Certificate
after he finished his language course

This week's blog post is from Federico Gariboldi from Italy, who has spent the last 6 weeks in Wales on our work placement course. First, enjoy the post and learn more about this GREAT student's experience. Then, take a look at the end of the story to find details about Peartree work placements. Happy Fridays!!


My name is Federico I’m 27 years old.
I live in Milano and my work is an Estate Agent.
My hobbies are football, muay thai and motorbikes.

I arrived in Cardiff on the 15/01/2016 and stayed here for improve my English .When I arrived I was waiting for my host family Helen at the station. Helen is a very nice lady and understands very well .
My host mum Helen cook very well. One day I cooked for Helen the Italian pasta and she’s enjoy a lot .In my host family there is another Brazilian boy, his name is Guilherme.
Federico, Guilherme and Helen having dinner and practicing English language
The first two week I studied at school in the Peartree Languages, where I knew nice people .
The people in the school are very kind, the course is very interesting.
Federico and Nicky during a good bye party

When I finished my two weeks in the school I started my work. My work is a volunteer in the British Heart Foundation, in my work I have to follow customers, answer the phone and help my colleagues .

Federico and his colleagues from the British Heart Foundation, where he did his work experience 
In the evening together with some guys known to school we organized some beautiful evening where we went to a pub for drink a beer or we went to the night club for dance and fun.
Then I visited most places such as Cardiff Stadium of rugby, Cardiff Castle, Cardiff Bay, Llandaff Cathedral, Penarth and the City centre.

Federico with other international students from Peartree in Penarth
Federico with Nicky and other Peartree students during a trip to Llandaff Cathedral

For me it was a great time I met some really great people and it served a lot to improve my English .


Federico Gariboldi.

Would you like have an experience like Federico? Why not take a work placement course with us!? 

Work placement (unpaid) with English Language Course

This course combines a one week intensive English language course with a further four weeks of unpaid work experience and is ideal for students who would like to enhance their CV.

English language course
One week minimum, 21 hours in group, 1 hour private class to prepare any language necessary for the sector specific placement (e.g. English for IT, English for Marketing etc)
Class size
Maximum 12, average 8
Minimum age
Language levels
Proven B.1. minimum
Course dates
Year round, four weeks minimum placement time from application
Total duration
5 weeks (minimum)
Transport voucher
Bus pass
Homestay, half board breakfast and dinner

  • Placements of minimum 5 weeks (one week English course, 4+ weeks of work placement), further weeks of English language course or work placement can be arranged, at additional cost, on request.
  • Placements available are in the following sectors: IT, Administration, Communication, Marketing, NGO, Hospitality
  • Placements are in Cardiff OR the surrounding towns of Barry, Penarth / Cardiff Bay. In the case of the placement being in a surrounding town, homestay would also be provided in the surrounding town AFTER the language course at Peartree. For the duration of the English course, placement would be in Cardiff.

Contact us today for more information!

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