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Sahar, jewellery designer studying English at Peartree Languages

Sahar has been our student since January and she came to Cardiff with her husband. She is originally from Iran and her aim is to get IELTS and study at the university in Cardiff.
Sahar has an interesting hobby that is her job as well.  She is a jewellery maker. We have seen an example of her work, but we decided to make a blog post about her work and we have included some more pictures. Her work is incredible and really beautiful. We really hope that Sahar will have her own exhibition here in Cardiff as that is one of her dreams.

Sahar came to Cardiff with her husband and improve her English at Peartree Languages

I am Sahar. I am from Iran. I studied "Industrial Design" at University. After graduating, I decided to be a designer. I love designing, but I don't like designing with computer programs all the time. I like to make my own designs, with my hands. So I decided to learn jewellery making.

I usually use gold and silver along with some precious stones like agate or turquoise.
First of all I design my pieces.   I see my jewellery as pieces of art. I take my inspiration form the Minimalist Movement. The design elements used in my work are rectangular, geometric and pure form shapes.

After designing the pieces, I cut the silver or gold sheet, then I shape them and after that I solder the pieces together.
To complete each piece, I polish them and set the stones. Everything is done by hand.

I have had more than 27 jewellery exhibitions in Iran and I hope I will have a great jewellery exhibition in United Kingdom. 
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