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Karol, the winner of the English is GREAT campaign, visited Peartree Languages

Karol Cavalcante is one if the winners of English is GREAT: Speak to the world campaign by English UK (English is Great).

This campaign is organized by English UK to promote the UK as the world's premier English language learning destination in Brazil. Founded by the GREAT UK Challenge Fund, this campaign aims to reach more 17 million people through travelling classrooms, two video competitions, social media and a digital video wall of current and prospective Brazilian students sharing 'what English means to me'.

Part of the campaign was a competition where students were invited to make a one-minute long video about 'what English means to me' for the chance to win a fully founded two week scholarship to the UK, that was hosted by English UK national and regional groups. Five winners were chosen and travelled to the UK in February and their task was to make vlogs about their experience.
One of the winners was Karol and as a part of her journey she came to visit Peartree Languages.
We are happy that we got the chance to meet Karol and showed her our language school ( Karol would like to share her experience with you through our blog post. We all hope we will see Karol again, either in the UK or Brazil.


In first place, I’d like to introduce myself: my name is Karol Cavalcante and I am 20 years old. I live in Montes Claros, a warm city in the middle of my country, Brazil.

Karol in Llandaff Cathedrall

I won the "English is great: Speak to the World” competition. My prize was to study two weeks in Wales and, in this time, I could study on Peartree Languages. I had attended one grammar lesson, and it was too nice. I met some students of different parts of the world: France, Italy, Switzerland and Brazil. They were so friendly with me. Together, we discovered that all nationalities have a common passion: Italian food.

Karol at Peartree Languages with our Director of Studies during the grammar time,improving her English skills

Lunch time! Karol and our international students having lunch in Calabrisella, speaking only in English! 

After, we went to see the Llandaff Cathedral. Nicky Partridge, a amazing teacher, explained to us some curiosities: some place is a city if it has a cathedral, no matter the number of population (British oddities). So Cardiff has needed to attached Llandaff on its territory to be the capital of Wales without problems.
It has to be a selfie with Fedrico. Karol with Nicky and students at Llandaff Cathedral. 

I had a wonderful time when I was in this trip because Llandaff Cathedral is the most beautiful church I have seen all my life. The architecture is perfect, it's like being in the twelfth century again. Who likes medieval films should visit this Cathedral.

Llandaff Cathedral, a relaxing visit to improve your English
In the end, we drank hot drinks together in Llandaff. Every detail about this place is adorable, so was my hot apple juice. But there was one think I don’t like about this trip: one day was a short time to enjoy the company of this friendly people. Then, definitely I will come back some day.

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