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When the Fukuta family met Elena! A true student story from Peartree Languages

This blog post was written by Peartree Languages' student - Yukiko Fukuta

When my family visited Italy in autumn (holiday) last year, we met Elena she was an intern at Peartree Language school. I was given her e-mail address after she served Peartree's internship, and promised to see her in Venice. Because she was born in the city near by Venice, and luckily we had a plan to visit Italy.
During this trip she guided as around many nice places and shops in Venice, and we drank a popular Italian alcoholic drink together! I had a really special time.
Thank you Elena.

Picture: Left to right, Elena, the Fukuta children, Yuki

More on this story! 
Yuki and Yasu were students at Peartree Languages for almost a year. In 2014 they met Elena, an Italian intern who spent a couple of months with us on work experience. Elena and our Japanese couple used to see each other in school very often as both of them had General English classes. As Elena was interested in Japanese culture they met at the Central Library where they attended  Japan Day and had a great conversation about this topic. Elena invited Yasu and Yuki with their children to Italy, with the promise that she would show them Italian culture. So when Yasu and Yuki decided to do a bit of traveling around Europe with their whole family, they accepted Elena's invitation to Italy. Yuki wrote a nice blog about their stay and apparently they had nice and never forgetting time.

Yuki and Yasu are moving back to Japan soon and actually it was the last day in school for Yasu today. All members of staff from  Peartree Languages would like to wish the best of luck in their future and we hope that we will stay in touch with them!!


Yukiko with her certificate

Yasu with his certificate

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