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What is the destination for our first trip of the year? Bristol!

I can hardly believe that it is February already, but well, what can we do? February has brought some very cold weather to Wales and if a Slovakian girl says that it is cold, it must be true. I am not going to write only about cold weather, but am going to invite you to our first trip of this year.
Our Director of Studies, Tristan Francis, would like to take you to the United Kingdom’s eighth most populous city – Bristol. The trip is on Sunday 15th of February, so you can still spend Valentine ’s Day with your lover.

One of Banksy's pieces of art
Bristol is a very multicultural city offering lots for sightseeing, history, art, wildlife and education (there are two universities). Bristol has led the way with popular sub-cultures for the last 30 years and with its history of graffiti and street art is a unique city in Britain. I think that many of you know that the most famous graffiti artist Banksy started his graffiti carrier right here and his piece of work – Naked Man- is very close to your first stop near the picturesque waterfront. If you ask Tristan he will be more than happy to show you the place. And by the way, if you want to know more about graffiti or Banksy’s work, you should watch the documentary film Exit through the gift shop.

SS Great Britain
The second stop in the trip itinerary is the world’s first great ocean liner – Brunel’s S.S. Great Britain. The ship was the longest passenger ship in the world and she transferred thousands of immigrants to Australia. After her long journey that also included a stay in the Falklands Islands, she was returned to the Bristol dry dock where she was built. The ship was rescued from rust and wreckage in the 1970’s and restored and now she serves as a museum ship, where you can travel back to time.

Clifton Suspension Bridge
The visit to the National Fleet is not the last stop involving boats as the next step of the plan is to take a boat around Bristol Harbour and carry on to the world-renowned Clifton Suspension Bridge. Clifton Suspension Bridge is a world famous bridge and was designed by the great Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The bridge’s setting on the cliffs of the Avon Gorge has made it the defining symbol of Bristol.

I am pretty sure that your trip will not be only be about the sightseeing but about good food and especially about having fun with your friends from Peartree Languages.

Now, here are the most important details:

When exactly is the trip? – The trip takes place on Sunday 15th of February.

Where is the meeting point? – The meeting point is by Burger King at the Central Station.

When is the meeting time? – The meeting time is at 9:30am.

How much do you need to pay in advance? –You will need to pay £13 in advance.

Who is going with you? – Tristan will be the official Peartree Languages representative for this trip.

How to sign up? – Please sign up at the Welcome Desk (reception). You will just need to pay the fee of £13 and we will write down your name and your phone number.

I hope we inspired you and you will decide to spend one Sunday with Tristan in Bristol.

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