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South Korea... The Land of the Morning Calm

Thank you very much to Mi-Kyeong from South Korea for writing this wonderful article about her country! We hope you enjoy learning more about this fascinating place.

South Korea is a land teeming with an enriched culture which has a history of over 2.000 years. The gift of nature and a long history has resulted in the development of numerous tourist attractions for sightseeing.
Seoul, the largest city in South Korea

Local Customs and Travel Information 

The official language of South Korea is Korean, however English is generally used in hotels, restaurants etc. The people in Korea are among the friendliest in Asia.
Traditional Wedding
Korea has four distinct seasons. Spring and autumn are quite pleasant and beautiful while summer can be very hot the monsoon weather. South Korea is a country of more or less 46.1 million people.
The currency of the Korea is “won”. Taxis in South Korea are plentiful and comparatively cheap. It is recommended that people do not take taxis during the morning and even
ing hours. It is better to use the subway.

Places to go, people to see 

Seoul - There are actually tons of things to do and countless options for sightseeing. The largest city in South Korea will leave you wishing for more time. The glitzy shopping malls, scenic parks, and savury food provide the unique cultural essence of the place.

Busan - Busan has to be your next stop. The second largest metropolis in South Korea, It also has many lovely beaches and attracts beach-lovers from all over the world.

Gyeongju, the second largest city
Gyeongju - The usual historic popular destination, including various festivals and great opportunities to learn about the customs and tradition of the Korean people.

Jeju - If you are interested in the culture of South Korea, then come down to Jeju. The geographical isolation of this region has led to at being gloriously different from what can be found anywhere else in South Korea. The legends, customs, beliefs and religious practices of Jeju are exclusive.

Mount Sorak, National Park in South Korea
Mount Sorak - Sometimes referred to as “Sorak Valley”, Mount Sorak is the highest mountain in the Gangwon province in eastern South Korea. The autumn colours in the area are considered amongst the most beautiful colours of all.

General Tips 

  • Observance of social convention is important if you wish to show respect or make an impression. 
  • Korean people can be very reserved, shy and resistant to physical contact until they get to know each other. 
  • Never beckon anyone with palm up using one finger, as this is the way Koreans call their dogs. 
Have a good journey !

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