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Uschi, our English tutor with German roots... 

Hello! My name is Uschi and I am an English teacher here at Peartree Languages! I am named after my German grandmother Ursula; like the Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid or the star constellation Ursa Minor, meaning 'little bear' (which I personally prefer to a Sea Witch).
Uschi at Peartree Languages

Although my name is German, I am English and grew up in Torquay - a seaside town in the south of England (also known as, "the English Riviera") where they plant a lot of Palm trees and no one really knows why. Other than the strange choice of tree, it's a lovely part of the world and I would recommend going to Devon for a weekend (perhaps when it's warmer again). And if you get the  chance, have a walk around Dartmoor! It's beautiful.

The view across the harbour in @torquaydevon
So, (in my lessons, this is where my students chorus "so" because I say it so often) how did I end up in Cardiff? I originally came to Cardiff to study but I never left! Whilst studying English literature, creative writing and TESOL, I grew fond of both Wales and teaching. I have since taught in summer schools in England but am very happy to now be based in the Welsh capital.

Explore the moors with the wild ponies @dartmoornpa

What else can I tell you? Other than welsh cakes, I also love travelling and writing. I most recently went to Bulgaria, but my longest trip was around South America. I travelled through Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. I love to find out about other countries and cultures, so when you see me around Peartree feel free to come and tell me all about your home countries or your own adventures!

Me in Bolivia, enjoying the view of the salt flats, in 2010. #travel #southamerica

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