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Learn something invaluable! By Teacher Lizzie.

Learning languages opens up new worlds, it certainly has for me! By our former teacher, Lizzie.

I lived in South America for a number of years teaching English as a second language. While I was there I learnt Spanish and realised what a beautiful language it is. I have returned for subsequent trips and found my ability to speak another language invaluable. 

On a recent trip, our plane was grounded in Colombia due to riots in Bolivia. I was able to help translate for some of the other tourists and help them to understand what was going on. We were able to travel around the city without confusion and make the most of the situation. Bogota, the capital of Colombia, is a beautiful city with lovely views. 

I took this photo from the top of a hill called El Cerro de Monserrate which has expansive views of the city. While I was there I was somehow reminded of my friends at Peartree languages. Can you guess how? 

If you want to travel the world, open up opportunities, or just make life easier, I highly recommend learning a language. If you want to learn, Peartree languages is definitely a good place to start! 

Lizzie at the Peartree Summer school junior graduation ceremony

Lizzie & Julie at Peartree Tapas evening!

Source: Lizzie Gould - Former Teacher at Peartree Languages

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