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We Have Moved!

Welcome to 8 Llandaff Road!

After 14 years in the same building, we have recently moved to new premises!
Everyone put their hands to work on clearing out 2a Llandaff road. Desks, chairs, teaching materials, office equipment, pictures and much more needed to be moved. FORTUNATELY, our new building is only a few doors next to 2a Llandaff Road which made things easier. In the end, we managed to move the entire school without having to close it at all. Thanks to everyone who was involved!

So what about the new building?? MUCH better is an understatement. There are a lot of things that make this venue more appropriate for our school and more comfortable for students. Freshly painted walls, new classrooms and office desks, nicer kitchen and toilets all contribute to an overall more suited learning and teaching environment. 

And the feedback? So far everyone is really happy and students especially appreciate our new premises. There is still work to do and we will work hard on continuing to improve and beautify the building.

However, the biggest step is behind us and we look forward to the future with a new start!

Come and see us at 8 Llandaff Road. WELCOME! 

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Peartree Languages is a language school located in Cardiff.


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