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Hi everybody! Here is Monica from Italy!

I come from Bassano del Grappa, a very well-known town not too far away from Venice. It is quite famous thanks to the ‘old bridge’ or ‘Ponte degli Alpini’, our main landmark.

It is a very beautiful town to visit. You can spend a couple of days walking about admiring the historical surroundings while shopping and enjoying the local specialities.

But enough with publicity, as much as I love my town I love travelling even more.

The first time I travelled abroad I went on a short trip just around the corner: All the way Down Under.

I lived in Australia for a few months and literally fell in love with the country and its people. As for the language, only there I learned the real deal, something completely different from what I had studied at school.

Ever since I came home, I’ve always felt the need to visit different countries.

The last big trip I took was to Thailand three years ago. I lived for a month in a Buddhist monastery outside Bangkok and travelled for the remaining two months throughout the country from Chiang Mai up in the North to the islands in the South.

Thailand was a great experience where I could pick up all the information I needed to get my degree in Philosophy in 2017.

A ticking clock was telling me it was about time for another experience abroad, so here I am.

This time the purpose is to get back to my English and build something with it. One day maybe, who knows, I could start teaching it in my own country.. following the steps of Peartree Languages!!

My friend Jasmina and I, enjoying our day at the park in front of the Royal Crescent, Bath.
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