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English classes just one click away? Try out our Skype lessons

Have you thought about Skype lessons? 

Learning a new language can be quite challenging and there are many reasons why people may not take the bold step of studying abroad: Sometimes they may lack the confidence and/or time to come to an English-speaking country; they may need to develop very specific English language skills, such as preparing for a job interview, giving a presentation, or even learn medical or business English; or, it may just be too expensive (if we consider flights, accommodation, food and school fees!).

Skype lessons are a great cost-effective alternative if you want to develop your English with trained professionals at a British Council Accredited School, all from the comfort of your own home!

The biggest advantage? Convenience! 

A Skype class is like having a private lesson without needing to leave your house or your work desk. You can book the lesson at a convenient time for you and just find somewhere quiet (with internet connection) where you can concentrate and talk to the teacher. Are you going on an international business trip or do you need some help with your pronunciation before a presentation? Well, just book the class and you can do it from your own room. We have even heard of a case of a Spanish student having his Skype class while driving to work - audio only! (We wouldn’t recommend doing it, by the way!)

With the internet comes great power 

What about the study materials? Teachers are not limited by a book which needs to be used during your classes, but they can use many different English materials available online. We are not only talking about websites, but also videos, applications, English practice exercises and much more! You can share the screen with your teacher to have ‘live’ feedback as your homework is being corrected. In order to send instant corrections or give vocabulary suggestions we use the messenger part of the Skype system, that’s a great tool! Some teachers also combine other learning technology into the lessons, such as Notability, Google Drive or Duolingo.

From General English to job interviews, we have got you covered 

Do you think your needs are too specific? Don’t worry. The lessons can focus not only on General English, exam skills (such as IELTS writing), but also communication/ fluency, business English, or English for care / nursing home staff. Are you going for a job interview and would like some language tips? We can help you with all that.

English for Specific Purposes (ESP) and Bespoke Courses We organise individual or small group courses for students who have a specific English language objective. These classes could be complementary to your General English studies (as an extra course), or work as a standalone course. We can deliver these classes at your preferred location (contact us for more information) or online. The whole course is bespoke (customised), designed by our experienced academic management, based on your objectives and areas of need (which are established before the lessons begin in a goal setting meeting with you and/or your sponsor, academic institution, employer, or parents.

Typical ESP and Bespoke courses are listed below. Please contact us to discuss your course requirements.

Keep in touch with the language 

Have you finished your English course in the UK, but are a bit worried of losing touch with the language? Or would you like to carry on studying when you go back to your country? Book our Skype classes and you can continue with your lessons (and even have the same teacher who knows you and can recommend any improvements).

What can you expect? 

In the first lesson, the teacher will complete a detailed analysis of your learning objectives. This will be normally done by an interview and possibly a written assessment which can be sent via email or Skype. A scheme of work will then be developed based on your learning goals. The contents of each class will be written down by the teacher and checked by our academic manager to ensure you are on the right learning path to achieve your individual aims. We want to guarantee that you benefit the most from your lessons. You will receive immediate feedback about your progress, level and what you need to do next to improve your language skills.

  • Target band 7 IELTS writing 
  • English for business 
  • English for care / nursing home staff 
  • English for nurses / doctors 
  • Teacher methodology courses 
  • British and American culture courses 
  • Accent reduction 
  • Pronunciation for speakers of specific languages 
  • Academic skills - referencing / indexing 
  • English for aviation 
  • English for engineering 

How much does this wonder method cost? 

Well, in fact it’s a little cheaper than our usual private lessons at school. Also, Skype classes could be a cheaper option to a private lesson with a native speaker. The price of one hour delivered via Skype is £25 and the student needs to pay for a minimum of five hours. After 5pm UK time and weekends - £27 per hour, minimum of 5 hours to be paid in advance.

For the latest update on prices, please check

Book me in! 

If you have any questions regarding the Skype classes or you would like to know if we are available to deliver classes according to your requirements, do not hesitate to contact us to our email: or send a request through our website:
You can also send us a Whatsapp: 0044 (0) 7378 354 654
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