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Why Peartree Languages is the best choice for you

While it is exciting to explore a new country, we all know that going abroad to study can be a rather daunting experience. There are many factors to take into account, such as a completely new culture, a language you are just learning, and a strange environment that you have to discover, all this mixed with the physical distance from your friends and family. This can sound like an extremely hard time to go through, but it doesn’t have to be if you ask for help!

Here at Peartree Languages we have many strategies to help individual students to find their way around.

Before your booking with us, we will go through an assessment with you and find a course in our programme that will best suit your level, needs and specific requirements. From our many courses, we will choose one that is going to give you the best results during your stay at Peartree Languages.

There are many different adult and juniors courses to choose from!

We would like to meet you, understand your motivation to learn English, and talk about what you previously studied, before you start your course with Peartree. If you are applying from abroad, we may book an online conversation with you and ask you to complete our online assessment test. If you are already in the UK, we will ask you to come to the school for the assessment test and have a face to face interview.

Courses at Peartree Languages

General English course

Our General English course is designed to give you a solid foundation for your English language skills. 
We provide courses to all levels supported by carefully selected modern coursebooks that are supplemented by additional materials appropriate to the needs and interests of the class. You will work on all four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening, while also studying grammar and vocabulary. We also encourage the use of natural English to develop your communication skills. Our courses will help you to increase your confidence day by day, motivating you to use the language seen in class in different situations in the world outside and long after your course has finished.

We are flexible to accommodate all the needs of our potential students. Therefore, you can choose to attend either 3, 6 or 9 hours of classes per week, from Monday to Friday. If you wish to give your English a big boost and you are free every morning, our full-time course would be the right option for you. With 16 hours of English per week, you will benefit from practising your language skills every day and make a remarkable improvement.

Most of the general English classes take place in the morning from 9 am until 12.15 pm, giving you enough space to work or attend other commitments in the afternoons or evenings.

We recommend this course if you: 

  • Want to combine studying and working 
  • Have many family commitments to balance, but still need to improve your language skills
  • Study at university full time, but still have gaps in your language skills 
  • Would like to have the flexibility to learn at your own pace 
  • Work as an au-pair 
  • Have to work different shifts and can’t commit to a course on the same day every week 
  • Would like to study on a budget

English for Exams

In today’s competitive world it is important to have a recognised certificate that indicates your English language level. Taking an internationally recognised examination as part of your English language studies is a key aim of many students. 

We can guide and prepare you to take a wide range of external English examinations to help you take the next step towards your future goals. Our team of experienced teachers will support you on your language learning path towards achieving the results you need.

In addition to the key aims of all our language courses, when you join an examination preparation course you can expect: 

  • To be taught by teachers with in depth experience of the examination, or by Senior Teachers and members of the Academic Management team 
  • Complete practice of examination tasks with feedback and correction 
  • Further advice and tips from the Academic Management, through progress meetings, self-access materials and strategies to improve your examination skills outside of the classroom 
  • Regular and systematic mock tests (simulated tests) of your chosen exam as agreed with the Academic Manager, depending on your study aims 
  • A realistic, professional assessment and ongoing progress check to establish your readiness for your chosen examination 
  • To have access to all your results and progress meetings, allowing you to make the correct decision regarding your examination choices 
  • Information on dates, prices and timetables of examinations at local and national centres

Private language courses 

Private language courses are perfect for students who have a specific reason to study the language, or wish to focus on some of its specific aspects, and who are not available to attend the regular timetable of group classes. Courses and classes will be designed to meet their specific requirements and may take place outside the usual school hours.


This option is ideal if you would like to maximise the amount of teacher-student time in the class. With a private teacher, the lessons are based only on your requirements and can be focussed on improving your areas of need. This is also a great way to increase your confidence and speaking skills.

These lessons can be centred on General English, exam skills (such as IELTS writing), communication (fluency and pronunciation), business, interview preparation, or even academic skills / proofreading. Lessons can be scheduled at the convenience of the student and teacher, which can be very helpful if you work full-time or when the usual group classes are taking place.

Social life in Cardiff 

Whether you want to meet up with your classmates from school or if you are looking for information on things to do in the Cardiff and South Wales area, our staff members are always able to help you out. There are always many events in Cardiff, so you will never be bored in our hometown. Find all of the newest events in our What’s On calendar.
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