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Peartree Languages is proud to support the Welsh Refugee Council (WRC)

Christmas seems like a distant memory now. We remember it here as we had a wonderful party at the school with one highlight being the moment that Raquel, from Talavera de la Reina, Spain, won a wonderful selection of prizes, donated by local businesses as part of our ‘12 Days of Canton’ event. The prizes were given as part of our raffle which we held to raise money for the Welsh Refugee Council (WRC).
Iona, Marco, Nicky and Tereza at the Welsh Refugee Council
The raffle raised £96 and this money, along with £120 that we raised through an online ‘Just Giving’ campaign meant that we were able to contribute £216 to the WRC in order to help refugees and asylum seekers in Cardiff. This week Tereza and Nicky visited the WRC offices to speak to Iona and Marco about the way that this donation is making a real impact and to offer our continued support to the charity.
Nicky and Raquel with the selection of prizes during our Christmas party
It is clear that our world is changing very rapidly. We are all saddened by the terrible plight of refugees forced from their homes due to wars and conflicts, spread across Europe, often met by anger, hostility and racism on our own continent. It is hard to know how to help or what to do. There are no easy answers to the very difficult political issues that we are facing, but we must keep in mind that people are people, no matter where they are from or what their religion is, and we all deserve respect, rule of law, human rights and a safe place to build our lives.

Thank you for helping us to make a small, but positive difference.
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