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12 Days Of Canton: Calabrisella

Our promotion 12 Days of Canton has been running for several days and we are very pleased that our blog for today is about a place that is special for us (and not only because of their food).

Two of our very first students (10 years ago) are the owners of the wonderful Calabrisella restaurant, an authentic Italian restaurant, that is located in Canton, only 1 minute from Peartree Languages, the best place to go if you want to have really nice Italian food.

Calabrisella has been open since 2nd November 2014 and the meaning of ‘Calabrisella’ is the original traditional women's costume from the Calabria region of the Italian Republic.

The staff have great experience within the catering Industry in Italian food and their aim is that the customers feel like they are in Italy, which is very much the approach of the staff. The head chef Domenico is a fully qualified, very knowledgeable and diverse chef with years of experience gained from working all over Italy. His passion is food and one of the things that makes him proud is being able to offer customers the opportunity to taste his specialities and varied dishes from all over Italy. 

Calabrisella offers wide range of delicious food and you can pop in in the morning for a lovely creamy Italian cappuccino with a filled croissant, or have their version of full English breakfast, or just grab a quick take away like some of their great paninis or small pizzas. Of course the best way to enjoy their food properly is to try their real Italian pizza or one of Domenico’s specialities like arancini or cannoli with a glass of Italian wine or beer.

As most of the staff from Calabrisella have been studying at Peartree Languages and our Centre Manager Nicky is a good friend of Salvatore, Calabrisella will be providing the food for our Christmas Party (!!!). We can’t wait and if you would like to try as well, you know exactly what you need to do!

Come along for our Christmas Party this Friday at 7:30pm at Peartree Languages. Bring your friends or family members and have a good time with the people from our school. Please remember that you will need to buy a ticket (£1) that includes also our Christmas raffle ticket and you have a great chance to win loads of amazing prizes. Something in there is also from Calabrisella!!

Calabrisella Cardiff
Address: 154 Cowbridge Road East, Cardff, CF11 9ND
Phone: 02920 225 839
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