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12 Days of Canton 2016: Superbowl and Laserquest

7 days to go until our Christmas party! As we are trying to promote not only our great neighbours and local businesses, but also our amazing activity providers, today’s post is about Superbowl and Laserquest, one of the best places to spend your free time in Cardiff!

Peartree Christmas Party 2015 at Superbowl
Superbowl UK Cardiff offers bowling alleys for players of all ability levels. They are proud to host 12 state of the art lanes including their unique VIP Bowling Experience. The latest scoring system along with bumpers and ramps are provided to make ten-pin bowling more enjoyable and engaging than ever. Super bowl offers loads of special offers for the whole week. Peartree Languages has used this venue many times as a part of our social programme and even for our student Christmas Party 2015.

We have a FREE game of Laserquest, donated by Superbowl Cardiff as part of our massive Christmas raffle prize and some two for one vouchers for all our students. THANK YOU! 
Another great activity that is offered by Superbowl is Laser Quest, ‘an immersive and exhilarating experience with fun lurking round every corner will love Laser Quest Cardiff!’

‘Armed and ready to play with your trusty laser you’ll play hide and seek and attack and defend with up to 31 others in the huge ultra-violet, fog filled laser arena. Score points by tracking down and then taking out your opponents before they do the same to you! Let your laser adventure begin and play for real! Points are awarded every time you 'zap' another player, with points deducted every time you are 'zapped'.’

Superbowl UK Cardiff 
Stadium Plaza, Wood Street Cardiff,CF10 1LA
Phone: 02922 331 333
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