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Ludovico Einaudi, a great pianist and composer is coming to Cardiff! And Ana is going to the show....

“If this wasn’t music, it would be a map made of thoughts, sometimes clear, sometimes one on top of the other, dots, lines, shapes, pieces of an interior discourse which never ends.” 
Ludovico Einaudi during his performance
This is how Ludovico Einaudi, Italian pianist and composer, describes his last album ‘Elements’ and there is no other more appropriate description of his music. Einaudi is certainly one of my favourite musicians and I couldn’t possibly miss his Cardiff performance at the Millennium Centre this Sunday 20th November.

The concert was sold-out in a very short time as well as the other dates in the UK such as Birmingham, Glasgow and even Zurich in April 2017! But why and how did he become so famous and loved? And who is Ludovico Einaudi?

Ludovico was born in Turin, Italy and trained as a classical composer and pianist at the Milan Conservatorio before continuing his studies with Luciano Berio, one of the most important composers of the twentieth century avant-garde.

He chose to forget his own musical path and his strength is the unique musical alchemy he created drawing on elements of classical, rock, electronica and folk music. This way, his songs are always luminous, emotive, effortlessly lyrical and always supremely refined, pleasing almost everyone, even people with totally different tastes in music.

The first Einaudi song I ever listened to was ‘Una Mattina’ (2004), discovered thanks to the french film ‘The Intouchables’ (2011). The song is played right at the start of the film and I really like the dreamy but intense vibe of it. I play the piano as well, and this was the first song I asked my piano teacher to teach me! It is my very favourite. ‘Una Mattina’, largely written for solo piano, leaped to the top of the UK Classical album chart and gave him his first sold-out UK tour.

Another superb song is ‘Divenire’ (2007), part of his most musically ambitious album yet and his greatest commercial success to date. ‘Divenire’ gathered many of the musical ‘streams’ that had flowed through Ludovico’s career and expanded on them with the help of The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and a battery of digital effects.

I really like the contrast between old and new, like for example an old, brick-made Church near a new, modern and iron building. It gives off a new feeling never felt before. And this is the same impression I get with Einaudi’s music, the sound of eternity. I am glad to have discovered such a great gem of contemporary music and I really look forward to listening to his latest album ‘Elements’. Here is, a sneak peak of the main track.

By Ana Polisciuc, Intern, Peartree Languages 
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