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The importance of travelling

I don't really know a person who does not like travelling. I absolutely love it! Okay, I am not talking about the never-ending waiting at the airports or bus stops, or the long journeys to your dream destination, but I am talking about the outcome of the whole process.

About the feeling when you first step on the beach or wade into the sea, or the wonder that follows when you see some of the famous sights like the Eiffel Tower, the Niagara Falls, the Colosseum in Rome or even the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff for the first time. I am talking about the goosebumps that you get when you try any of the local special meals, offered by a small restaurant in one of your many destinations that you are just visiting.

I am sure that everybody knows that travelling can bring many life changing experiences and that is the reason why so many of us just love it.

Have new experiences, see new things 

When you travel to a different country, you will find yourself experiencing infinite possibilities to explore your environment. Imagine climbing a mountain, going for a walk on the beach or just enjoying the urban landscape of a new city.

You will meet so many cool people 

Whether you stay in hostels or prefer a more permanent accommodation, cool people are waiting for you around every corner. So be brave and talk to them. Nobody’s going to bite you and as a positive side effect, you can improve your language skills when talking to people.

Travelling is one options how to get known new cultures,
another option is to visit a language school
Wales looks amazing from Space,so
why don't you visit it?

Learn About Different Cultures 

Travelling is one of the best ways to enlighten yourself about different cultures. You get to learn about a new place, its culture, its traditions, its history. And, not to be left out, you can learn and improve languages.

Appreciate the flawless glory of nature 

While being in nature, you learn to appreciate both all the plant and animal life of a particular region. May it be the chirping sounds of the birds, the songs of the rivers, the howling of animals, to walk under blossom trees, or to experience nature’s unique smell, it makes you learn a lot about yourself.

Our little Pear loves travelling as well

Expanding your awareness 

Travelling helps to reveal and eventually remove prejudices and stereotypes about a certain country or culture that we all develop in our daily life. The only way to educate yourself about cultures is by putting yourself right in it.

He has visited many
interesting places

Getting out of your comfort zone 

We all go through that phase in our life in which ii would be really helpful to stop living with the same old people, in the same old places, doing the same old stuff. There's no better way to know your actual skills (from social to survival ones) than breaking your routine and, why not, taking risks. Going abroad, maybe in a country whose culture is really different from your own, would be the best chance to do that.

Last but not least - it’s supposed to be fun! 

Disconnect yourself from your daily routine. Relax - whatever that means for you, may it be in the middle of a big city between thousands of people or alone in the mountains.
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