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Do you need to prove your English language level? What do you know about IELTS?

The IELTS exam is usually required to be taken by non-native English speakers who would like to study at a university in the U.K. or other English speaking country. It’s not an easy exam and many students find the test very challenging. So how can you prepare for the exam? Well, luckily,we have the answer!

"This experience helped me because I had the opportunity to talk and get to know my classmates. What I most enjoyed was the friendly atmosphere in class."
Rosario Sanchez, Spain, IELTS 6.5

Let’s start with some simple questions and answers:

How much are the courses at Peartree Languages?

  • You have three options:
  1. Part-time, 9 hours per week, £240* per month (four weeks)
  2. Full-time, 16 hours per week, £384* per month (four weeks)
  3. Intensive, 21 hours per week, £600* per month (four weeks), this course includes 6 hours of small group tutorials with maximum of 4 students per group.

*There is an administration fee of £25 per person to join the school

How many people are in my class?

  • There is a maximum of 12 students in every class, although IELTS classes are usually between 4-6 students.

What should I do if I need preparation for IELTS?

  • You need to COME to Peartree Languages or GIVE US A CALL and book a FREE assessment test by which we can ASSESS your English language level. The meeting will take approximately one hour, so you will have enough time to discuss all the study options and we will help you to find the best solution and also give you our professional advice on what you will have to do in order to achieve the score you need.
  • After your test, a Senior Teacher will complete an academic profile with you which will be given to your teacher. This will be reviewed and updated every month to assess
    your progress sand to ensure that you are on the right road to achieving your IELTS result.

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What can I improve?

  • We will be able to tell you which specific aspects of your English you need to improve. This could be reading, grammar, listening or speaking, a combination of different aspects or a little bit of everything!.  

Do you have classes for my level of English?

  • We run several IELTS preparation courses at different levels of English, so whatever your ability, we will be able to help you and offer you the right course.

  • We do not advise anyone to undertake IELTS preparation until they have at least an intermediate level of General English but don’t worry if you are not quite this level, as we can provide you with classes to help you reach this level before you progress on to IELTS.

How many classes will I have per week?
  • During the assessment test we will show you an approximate timetable for your classes. The group classes are on different days and at different times, so you can choose the day or time that is most convenient for you. You can study part-time, full-time or intensively (all classes on the timetable below).


What if I can’t attend group or daytime classes, or I only need specific help in one area?

  • In this case we can offer you private classes that are provided on a one-to-one basis. This means that the lessons will only be between you and one of our experienced senior tutors and you will have 100% of the tutor’s time and attention.

When can I start my preparation?

  • We have continuous enrollment so you can start as soon as you are ready after taking an assessment test.

Can I have a practice test?


  • As part of your course you will take a weekly practice test, each week focusing on a different skill.
  • We can also arrange a full practice text which includes practice of all parts of the exam in one day. This is the perfect way to know whether you are ready to take the test for real.
  • It is possible to attend weekly practice tests or full mock tests without taking classes. Prices start from £25 per month (four weeks).

You can do a practice test for IELTS every week,
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Call today on 0044 (0) 2920 342067

Would you still like to know more?
Keep reading…

What is IELTS?
IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System.  Candidates are tested on four areas of language skill; listening, reading, writing and speaking.  There are two kinds of IELTS exam: IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training.

Who needs IELTS?
IELTS Academic is often needed by people who want to study or train at a university or college in the UK and other English speaking countries. IELTS General Training prepares people for life and work in an English speaking country and is often a requirement for a Visa for people wishing to live permanently in countries such as the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

What’s in the exam?
Listening:  The Listening test is 30 minutes long and has 4 sections.  Tasks become more difficult as
Materials for IELTS preparation,
picture was found on Google
the tests progresses.  In the first section you listen to a conversation between two people in a social situation (e.g. discussing holiday plans, asking for directions, etc.).  In the second section you listen to one person giving a talk on a subject of general interest (e.g. a museum guide, a talk on healthy eating, etc.).  In section 3 you hear a conversation between 2 – 4 people in an educational context (e.g. students discussing a lecture, a tutor giving a student advice on an assignment, etc.).  In section 4 you hear one person speaking on a topic of general academic interest (e.g. a lecture on study skills, a talk on house design, etc.).  For each section, the recording is only played once.

Reading (Academic):  You are given 60 minutes to read and answer questions on 3 different reading texts. The reading texts come from a variety of sources including newspapers, magazines, journals and information books.

Reading (General Training):  The format is the same as the Academic Reading test, but the texts come from a wider variety of sources, including advertisements, information guides, rule/instruction handbooks, and fictional books.

Writing (Academic):  There are 2 tasks in the Writing test and you are given 60 minutes to complete them.  In task 1, you are given some data in the form of a graph, bar chart, pie chart, table or diagram which you have to analyse and present in your own words.  You have to write at least 150 words.  In task 2, you are given an essay title and must write at least 250 words on it.  This will either involve discussing a topic (e.g. positive and negative effects of tourism, advantages and disadvantages of modern technology, etc.) and giving your opinion on it, or analysing and suggesting a solution to a problem (e.g. how to reduce waste in cities, how to ease traffic during the rush hour, etc.).  Both tasks must be written in a formal style and it is recommended that you spend 20 minutes on task 1 and 40 minutes on task 2.

Example of an IELTS diagram for the writing exam,
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Writing (General Training):  The General Training Writing test also has 2 tasks.  In task 1 you are given a situation and you have to write a letter to someone, asking for more information or an explanation (e.g. complaining to a shop that has overcharged you and asking the manager for an explanation, writing to a school/university you have applied to asking for more information about the course and facilities, etc.).  The letter can be written in a formal or personal style.  Task 2 has the same format as the Academic Writing task 2, but can be written in a more personal style.

Speaking:  The Speaking test is 11-14 minutes long, has 3 sections and is conducted one-to-one with the examiner.  In section 1 the examiner interviews you on general topics connected to your everyday life (e.g. your home, family, work, studies, hobbies, etc.).  In section 2 you are given a topic by the examiner (e.g. an important childhood memory, a person who has inspired you, etc.).  You have 1 minute to prepare what you want to say and then you must speak on the topic for 2 minutes without stopping.  In section 3, the examiner asks you some questions and invites you to discuss your opinion on wider issues connected to the topic you spoke about in section 2.

How is IELTS scored?
IELTS is scored on a scale from 1.0 to 9.0 with 9.0 being the highest possible score.  You are given a score for each individual part of the exam and an overall score.

An example of IELTS Reading Test score 

What score do I need?
This depends on what you need IELTS for.  It is best to check with the institute you are applying to (university, company, immigration authority, etc).  Most British universities require a score of 6.5 or higher for automatic entry to a degree course (provided you have met that university’s other entry criteria).   Many universities also offer pre-sessional English courses for candidates with a score of 4.0 or higher.

Where can I take the test?
There are over 1,000 test centres in countries all over the world.  In the UK there are 67 locations where you can take IELTS (including Cardiff, Bristol and 16 in London!).  Go to: to find your nearest centre.

When can I take the test?
Illustration picture
There are 48 fixed dates per year for the Academic IELTS module, which takes place 4 times a month and the General English module exams twice a month.  Please note that not all test centres offer the exams on every date. You can check which dates individual centres offer at:
A full list of exam dates can also be found here:

How do I apply?
Application forms are available here at Peartree languages, or can be found online at:
Bring your application to us at Peartree and we can help you complete it correctly.  You must then go to the IELTS test centre in person with your form, a copy of your passport and the exam fee to register.

How much does it cost?
The current exam fee is £150.

When do I get my results?
Your results will be posted to you 13 calendar days after your exam.  You can also have copies of your results sent to five institutions (universities, etc.) free of charge.  Some exam centres allow you to access your results online- ask at the test centre for more information.

Where can I get more information?
You can come in to see us at Peartree Languages where we will be happy to answer any questions you have, or send an email to:
Alternatively, you can find out more at

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