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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… the Learn English in Wales Conference 2015!

I am so proud of Learn English in Wales (LEW). Our association has gone from strength to strength and the highlight of our calendar has to be our Conference for promoting learning and best practice in EFL.

If we jump in our way back when machine and travel to the year 1990 we can find a nascent EFL community in Wales and a small group of pioneers who believed that Wales should be a first choice destination for English language learning. The Learn English in Wales group was born and has been a driving force over the last 25 years supporting and promoting in the wings as our community has gone from strength to strength with quality accredited private schools, university departments and vocational colleges expanding their provision year after year.

So, that’s the history, what about the present?! Well, with the focus of LEW firmly fixed on academic excellence and professional development our energies over the past 12 months have been devoted to the organisation of our third Conference. This year, on November 21st we are delighted to have the use of the brand new Cardiff and Vale College building on Dumballs Road, with its state of the art facilities and avant-garde, confident presentation of teaching and learning in Wales. We have great support from big name publishers; Cambridge, Macmillan, BEBC, Richmond, Pearson, National Geographic Learning, Cengage Learning, Express Publishing as well as IELTS, British Council and Santander bank.

As in our previous conferences the morning is given over to papers presented by EFL practitioners from a range of academic institutions. Delegates can elect the sessions that best suit their interests. The afternoon is the ‘EFL Superstar Slot’. Many of you may remember that last year our big names were Sam McCarter and Jeremy Harmer (including a fantastic musical performance from Mr. Harmer and Steve Bingham, thank you again!). In 2012 Mr. David Crystal himself beamed his way over Skype to deliver his keynote speech. This year you will not be disappointed with our choices, Ian Lebeau (Language Leader series, Pearson) on critical thinking and Jim Scrivener, who will be talking about classroom management skills. What a line up!

Let’s also not forget that we have a poster presentation from the Harmers, Scriveners and Crystals of the future, aspiring EFL practitioners from University of South Wales and other respected further education establishments. Who will win? Watch this space. And finally, no such thing as a free lunch? Well, there is at our Conference!

I am sure you are wondering how much the tickets are and how to get hold of one asap (at a fraction of the cost of many other Conferences in the UK).

·         £35 for non-LEW members
·         £20 for participants from member schools (at your discretion how many you wish to subsidies)
·         £10 for students/ trainee teachers and
·         Free of charge for anyone presenting a paper or poster

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Do you need any more encouragement to attend the LEW Conference 2015? Take a look at a few of our pictures from Conference 2015 and also the full programme for 2015. You’ll be sold! See you there!
Jim Shields, CAVC, welcomes delegates
What a beautiful bunch of stewards
Jeremy Harmer meets student teachers. 
Meeting the publishers.
Student poster presentations. 
Helen and Grace present awards. 
A musical ending
That's me! (and Jeremy). I am a fan!

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