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Taxis, dinosaurs and chips in one day? That was our trip to the museum.

What do taxis, dinosaurs and chips have in common? Keep reading and you will find out...

We ate fish and chips in the sunshine! Yes, that’s right, it was a sunny, bright and happy afternoon in Cardiff last Saturday (May 16th). What a perfect opportunity to try the new fish and chip shop on Queen Street, Parc Lane Traditional Fish and Chips and have a picnic outside the museum. We spent a lovely hour chatting, watching the arrival of a wedding party to Cardiff City Hall and of course learning a few expressions in English, for example, ‘today’s news is tomorrow’s fish paper’...

Picnic fish and chips in the sunshine
Of course, eating chips and chatting in the sunshine was not the only purpose of our Saturday activity. In the morning we explored Cardiff museum. I visit this museum often with groups of students (perhaps 2-3 times a year) and sometimes I go with friends or family also if there is a special exhibition. I am always impressed by the building as you enter the main doors and see the beautiful reception area, flanked by two mezzanine levels, it really is a building that Cardiff can be proud of.

We started off in the natural history section. Before entering the museum Robert told us that he had been to the museum the previous week to see the dinosaurs and that he would be happy to do an impression for the group. True to his word, Robert showed us his best dinosaur pose! We learned plenty of new vocabulary, including; fossils, insects, fins, woolly mammoth, the Latin word for gold (aurum) and even a bit of Welsh as all students were told to answer ‘Iechyd Da’, Welsh for ‘cheers’ or ‘good health’, when answering their name on the register. Oh! And we learned the names of all the planets and even the order - thank you again Robert!

Robert and his dinosaur pose

Planets in our Solar System, do you know them all? In English?
When we moved to the art section, Eugenio from Spain was introduced to one of his ‘ancestors’ when we found a small painting entitled ‘Eugene Prince of Taxis’!! This was a very funny moment and please, from now on, when you see Eugenio at school be sure to mention this painting! Also, if you need a taxi, you know who to ask...Below is a little bit more information about this Prince and the origins of the word ‘taxi’, very interesting!

Of course we also spent some time in the photography exhibition and saw some great modern portraits of famous stars such as David Bowie, Paul McCartney and Debbie Harry. I am pretty sure that I will go back for a longer look another day. Helena and Svenja really enjoyed the audio guide in that section - great way to practice listening in English. Finally, a lovely morning ended with free pencils and pens for everyone from the museum, no excuse for not doing homework now!

All in all it was a relaxed and very pleasant morning for everyone. We really enjoyed each others company and I am sure we all learned plenty of new things, me included! It was a great preview for the busy summer when we will have an excursion every Saturday! I hope that many students will join us to enjoy learning, living and enjoying English outside the classroom.

Prince Eugene Alexander of Thurn and Taxis (1652 - 1714)
The modern-day term taxi comes from the name of one of the richest families in Europe, the Thurn and Taxis. This family made a fortune organizing the transport of mail in the Holy Roman Empire. Eugene Alexander elevated the family’s status enormously. He became Prince of the Empire, married into a German ruling family, and was awarded the Order of the Golden Fleece, which he wears here. A pupil of Gerard Dou, Leermans followed his meticulous manner, here painting on copper to achieve a finer finish.
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