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Olot, the most interesting city of 'La Garrotxa', with rich cultural heritage

This blog post was written by Peartree Languages' student Maria Merce Nogue Colomer.

What are the major attractions for tourists in Olot and its surroundings ?

Olot, as the capital of the area called “La Garrotxa”, boasts not only a rich cultural heritage but also an astonishing landscape.

Santa Margarita volcano
If you decide to visit the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, you will be find yourself strolling among the ancient beeches growing on Croscat Volcano lava in the forest “la Fageda d’en Jorda”. You can also take a horse-drawn carriage to ride through the heart of the forest on a guided visit. Going on in this zone, you will encounter the Santa Margarita volcano and  be able to admire its Romanesque church inside. Coming back a few meters in the direction of Olot, you can walk by the side of Croscat’s volcano, with its horseshoe shape scone and amazingly colourful gravel layers.

On the other hand, you may wish  to  discover  the historic small towns surrounding the capital by bicycle- another interesting option. Towns like Santa Pau, Bianya, Sant Joan les Fonts and others boast a rich romanesque heritage, which are shown by famous painters in their masterpieces  all over the country.

Sola Morales house, Olot
By far the most interesting city in this area for its 19th century art is Olot itself. A guided tour in the city admiring the Sola Morales house facade, Malagrida lounge house and others will give the tourist an  experience they will never forget.

Finally, the greatest event which takes place every year on the 8th of September is the local fiesta. Several music bands play in different squares around the city centre making the whole night alive. Stalls in a line tempt people to buy their foods.

These days, many paintings, sketches, sculptures are exhibited in a drawing fair. Meals by the side of the river Fluvia are offered by the public government. The well-known dancing of Giants (video), dwarves and small horses make the fiesta really special. However, we shouldn’t forget the competition of “Carrosses”, special coaches made of paper flowers by different groups of people every year. On the final night there is a spectacular firework display which makes  the sky an explosion of a variety of colours and closes the fiesta.

Maria Merce Nogue Colomer, Peartree Languages' student who wrote the blog post
Merce has studied at Peartree Languages twice, most recently in February 2015. When we offered her the possibility to write a blog about her town Olot, she immediately said agreed. Merce has been studying the history of Art for a few years and has a keen interest in the cultural and artistic heritage of her town.

If you would like to write a blog about your town / city or country please send us an email to All blogs and ideas are welcome!
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