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My study trip to Wales, by Ivan from Moscow

We love welcoming groups of students to Cardiff all year round. This week we are very much enjoying spending time with our friends from Moscow, and Ivan, one of the course participants,  would like to tell you all about the experience he is having here in the UK! 

Cardiff walking tour with our teacher and guide, Nathan
Over to you Ivan...

Hi! I’m Ivan. I’m going to tell you about my trip to Wales. Half a year ago our school teachers
organized a trip to the UK - to Cardiff. And four days ago we went to this wonderful place. 

We are having a great week. Every day, every moment is interesting and memorable.

Now, I want to tell you about one day from our trip. In my opinion the most interesting day was
Tuesday. My mates, our teachers, our guide and I visited the Cardiff Museum. This place really
shocked me! This museum has various halls: an art gallery, a museum of history and museum of
nature. In these halls the history and culture of Wales is presented. Each hall is unique and beautiful
in its own way. Exhibits can’t only be looked at but also touched. As for me, I really liked the gallery.
The three halls of this section of the museum were dedicated to the impressionists whom I really
like. Also, our guide gave us a quiz that we had to solve while looking at the exhibition. Our group
made it first and received a delicious prize.

In conclusion, this is a place worth visiting for everyone! I really liked this museum. All exhibitions
are very unusual, interesting and amazing. I will advise this museum to friends. I especially liked the

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Ivan enjoying a typical cream tea with our neighbours at 'The Apothecary', on Llandaff Road. 
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  1. It is a good article, and it really excites to come and see Cardiff.