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Meet Erik - our New Intern

I'm Erik and I will be staying in Cardiff and at Peartree Languages for six weeks.
Some days, I make poor choices, like eating greasy pizza right before playing a do-or-die football game or deciding that one more shot "will be alright" the night before giving an important presentation in class.

Asking the referee if he forgot his glasses and would like to borrow mine, may have been, in retrospect, a mistake as well.

Some days, I make good choices. Deciding to study in M√ľnster, a university city in western Germany, seems to be a good choice. Sometimes I play with the idea of moving to Berlin to reunite with my siblings and to enjoy the perks of the capital, but I am still irresolute.
Between school and university, I spent a few month volunteering in Israel to work and live in a Kibbutz. Although it is not extremely big, Israel is very divers and beautiful.
Other good choices include quitting my gym membership and eating lots of strawberry (healthy for the body) chocolate (healthy for the soul) ice-cream.

I am certain that my decision to do an Internship in Cardiff and at Peartree Languages will be a good choice. Throughout the last three days, it only rained once. It would be phenomenal if two thirds of the days I'll be spending in Cardiff would be sunny, but I am positive that even though the weather might take a turn for the worse, my decision to place my time in Cardiff into the "Good Choices List" will not be changed.


Erik will be at Peartree Languages Monday to Friday, you can find him at reception or drop him at e-mail at: 
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