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Our latest post is all about Tenby, a seaside town not far from Cardiff. Tenby has been on our minds for the last few weeks as it was where we were planning on exploring with our visiting junior students. Due to adverse weather, we've sadly had to give Tenby a miss this week, but here's some more information for when summer (finally) gets going and we can throw off our winter coats: 

The Summer is coming and with it the desire to go to the beach.
And, what is better than spending a day in a seaside resort not too far from Cardiff? Nothing, exactly!
So, take a break from the city and come to Tenby.

Tenby is a delightful little harbour town and seaside resort located in Pembrokeshire, on the western side of Carmarthen Bay.
This town include almost 3

miles (4 km) of sandy beaches and a beautiful island called Caldey. There are also a lot of hills, that allowed the construction of a Norman Castle and walled town in medieval times, that are still visible in part today.

What to do in Tenby:
Tenby is an amazing town that offers an infinite number of things to do.

1.      Relax on Tenby's South Beach
The sandy beach is a long stretch that, on a nice day, can look absolutely stunning. There's often ice cream vans driving around and there's a little coffee cabin and restaurant near the car park.

2.      Walk around North beach and the harbour
There are so many colourful houses, the beach, the sea and the landscapes so you can't leave the city without walking around the harbour!

3.      Walk Pembrokeshire Coast Path
Tenby has wonderful coastal walks right on the doorstep. So, stand up and come to one of the most enjoyable routes, the Pembrokeshire Coast Path! It takes you north to Saundersfoot, an up and down 4.5 mile stretch with fabulous views of Saundersfoot Bay from the headland at Monkstone Point. Enjoy!

4.      Shopping
You could easily spend a few hours exploring Tenby's shops, where you can find everything, from traditional seaside gifts to quirky items. There are also sweet shops pretty much on every corner.

5.      Visit the lifeboat station
The lifeboat station can be found between the North and South beaches and the life-saving operation is worth checking out. The Lifeboat Station is open to the public in summer and you can see the lifeboat when it’s not in action. If you are interesting you could visit this website for more information.

6.      Check out the Museum and Art Gallery
It is found between South Beach and the Harbour. Established in 1878, the Tenby Museum and Art Gallery is the oldest independent museum in Wales and you'll enjoy paintings of the local landscape and portraits. You will find exhibitions running and even art for sale or any other details on their website

7.      Take a trip to Caldey Island
A trip to Tenby wouldn't be complete without jumping on a boat and heading over to Caldey Island! The island of Caldey is just 20 minutes away by boat and it is an oasis of calm where you can watch seabirds or relax on a tiny beach. It's homes to Cistercian monks and you can even buy some of the products they create on the island. It's open to the public on summer weekdays and Saturday. For more information visit the website 

8.      Go fishing
Tenby is called “Dinbych-y-Pysgod” (which translates to Little Fortress of the Fish) by the Welsh, and this name will make perfect sense if you explore the harbour beside Castle Hill. Why? Because there are thousands of fish in the sea! To find out for yourself, you should spend an hour in the company of a sailor, who will show you the fishing techniques and the town from another perspective!

9.      Explore around St Catherine's
It is a small tidal island linked to Tenby by Castle beach at low tide. The island, which is known as St Catherine's Rock, is the location of St Catherine's Fort, now closed to the public. When the tide is out you can explore the rocks around and underneath the island which look like small caves.

10.  Visit Saint Mary’s Church
In the centre of town you can find Saint Mary's Church, a fine church with a tall, slender spire. It mostly dates back to the 15th century, a heyday for the town. There is free entry and inside the church is light and airy, with carved ceiling bosses and 500-year-old memorials to former mayors.

11.  Take a horse-drawn carriage
Now you can enjoy the city from the comfort of a horse-drawn carriage! All you have to do is go to Tenby High Street and there get on a regular horse-drawn carriage. It will be so funny and you can take a tour of the town.

12.  Get adventurous at Heatherton
Are you an adventurer? Well, not far from the centre of Tenby there is an exciting adventure park that is just waiting for you! The name is Heatherton and it is open all year and is great for groups. You'll find go-karting, paintball, zorb football, climbing walls, and even an escape room. If you are interesting click here to find more information

13.  Learn about Carew Castle
Dating back to the 11th century, this castle was the centre of Norman rule in Pembrokeshire. It's rich in Norman history and now it is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest due to the population of bats and several rare species of plants.

14.  Take the family to the Dinosaur Park
This park is perfect for families with children because children can learn about the beasts that used to roam our planet. There are rides and playgrounds, various activities as well as a dinosaur trail and an information centre. If you are interesting visit the website

15.  Visit the National Park Centre
You can find out about the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park at this friendly centre and shop. It’s located near the Five Arches, a fortress-like section of Tenby’s impressive medieval walls. There are films to watch, treats to buy and rock pool feely boxes to introduce you to coastal wildlife. So, come on!

16.  Tenby Ghost Walk
Do you like horror stories? Perfect, you are in the right palace! Do a short tour of some of Tenby’s more mysterious corners, hearing tales of the past from storyteller Marion Davies. She’s a mine of information on all things paranormal, from ghostly pirates to witches and UFOs. Good Luck...

Where to stay in Tendy
Do you live far from Tenby? Or do you want to stay for longer? No problem!
You are spoiled for choice with accommodation in Tenby. There's something for all types of getaway, whether you want something luxurious or just a simple caravan by the beach.
There are hotels on the seafront looking out over the beach, flats near the entertainment complex, with live shows, arcade rooms and mini golf and much more.
Moreover, if you are looking for something exciting and extravagant here is what you were searching for. I am talking about The Jet Star, a plane that is converted into an apartment that you can rent out. It was built in the 1970s and retains most of the original features, including a lit-up bar area. If you are interested to know more information visit the website

So, Tenby is perfect for everyone, both young and old, with or without children. There is something for everyone to enjoy. So, what are you waiting for? Go spend a weekend away in Tenby! You just might want to wait for the weather to clear up...

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