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A great way to improve your exposure to the English language. 

Students are always asking us how they can improve their English language skills when they are not in class. Some students find it easy to simply join groups, make new friends, go on adventures and take their new found lexis and grammar out of the classroom and into the real world. But, that is not true to all students who may struggle to find such opportunities to use English.
This is where podcasts can really help you. You can listen to natural English anytime, anywhere and on almost any topic. Often there will be a website to accompany the podcast where you can download the audio script and access many more interesting links, allowing you to travel down a rabbit hole of interest, all in the English language!

I started to listen to podcasts a few years ago. Now I have around 15 shows that I subscribe and listen to daily. This might be on my way to and from school (my commute), while I am doing household chores (cleaning :-( ) or just before I go to bed to wind down and relax. Some of my ‘most listened’ to include:

  • Stuff You Should Know - a classic from the ‘how stuff works’ group about anything and everything from Atlantis to Ping Pong - I have learned so much from this show, I am eternally grateful to Josh and Chuck! 
  • ‘The Bechdel Cast’ - a film podcast with a feminist slant 
  • Lore - stories of folklore, usually a little bit creepy, told by ace storyteller Aaron Mankhe - there is also and Amazon TV series based on these tales 
  • Ted Radio Hour - from the makers of Ted Talks, these episodes are around an hour long and focus on topics of general interest 

You can find all of these podcasts on any Podcast app (Apple store, Spotify etc).


However, my absolute favourite is a history podcast called ‘Stuff You Missed In History Class’. This is a long running podcast and its current hosts, Tracey and Holly, take me on a historical adventure with every episode. I am deeply interested in history and with each passing show we find our more about all eras of history and its characters, some well known and some less so. I’ve learned about many topics as diverse as Olga of Kiev, the Underground Railroad, the Battle of Amiens and in November 2017 the ladies covered a subject that is very close to our home, and hearts, here in Wales; The Aberfan Disaster.

Each episode is entertaining and well told, while also being stuffed full of well researched facts. I would bet that even if you think you don’t like history, you will be fascinated by many of the events and people covered in this podcast. Check it out! 

In case you need any extra persuading, why not watch this short clip giving you 5 reasons why you should have more Podcasts in your life.

Do you have a favourite podcast? I’m always looking out for a new show to tune into. Just email, message, or connect with me on Social Media with your suggestions! Thanks.
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