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Do you have a head for heights?

Hello everyone! I'm Jade, one of the teachers at Peartree. I have a question for you: have you ever been paragliding?

Jade is one of our teachers at Peartree Languages
Paragliding is an adventure sport that involves a high-altitude place (like the summit of a mountain), a parachute, and lots of courage! You can do it alone, or two people can use one parachute; that's a tandem paraglide. It's very exciting to trust a thin piece of material and a few strings to help you fly. Well, I think it's exciting - you might think it's terrifying!

When someone isn't afraid of heights, we can use the idiom: they have a head for heights. I've been in a hot air balloon and I want to have flying lessons, so I definitely have a head for heights. Do you? Tell me on the school's Facebook page:

In July, I'm going to do a sponsored tandem paraglide in support of Stroke Awareness, the UK's leading stroke charity. A stroke is, simply put, a brain attack. It can happen when the blood supply to part of your brain is cut off. Anyone can have a stroke, but you're more likely to have one if you're over 55, or if you have high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

Jade on top of Beachy Head cliffs (proof that she has a head for heights)

The lower Brecon Beacons National Park which is where Jade will  probably be paragliding
A stroke can be devastating. It can affect your body and your brain - some people find that one side of their body is paralysed after a stroke. Some people find that they can't speak, or they have memory problems. Stroke Awareness helps people who have suffered a stroke by helping them to deal with these problems.

I think that Stroke Awareness is a good cause to fundraise for, and I enjoy crazy challenges like paragliding, so I'm very excited about this event. I'm hoping to raise £300 for Stroke Awareness so they can continue caring for the thousands of people every year who have a stroke.

You can follow my fundraising journey here:, and you can follow the paragliding event here, on Facebook: 

Right now, there are still some places available... so if you have a head for heights, maybe I'll see you on the mountaintop!
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