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Introducing... Sanna!

Hi! My name is Sanna Warnemyr, I’m 19 years old and I’m a new intern at Peartree Languages. I am from a small Swedish town called Lund and I graduated from the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme last summer!

Sanna at Peartree Languages
International Baccalaureate
Diploma Programme
At IB I studied social subjects such as Psychology, History and Literature and in my free time I, together with some friends, started a feminist group for students at my school. We worked hard to make the school environment more equal and safe for everyone and had our focus on two projects - our History Campaign and Sanitary Products Project. The History Campaign has to do with the way we study history in Swedish schools as we think there is much more to know about the past than information about kings, conquerors and wars.

The Most Beloved Siblings Association
For example, we dislike the fact that the Swedish school system barely teaches us anything about the history of women. The Sanitary Products Project was started by me to help female students in school feel more comfortable while they are on their periods. At my school, students can go across the school yard to the nurse’s office and ask for a pad if they forgot to bring one themselves. I don’t think that is reasonable because we shouldn’t have to skip classes, breaks or lunch just because the nurse’s office is too far away. There are now three high schools and one secondary school in Lund that have a few lockers in the bathrooms with free sanitary products for the students. Schools around the country have also taken on this project!

Naima Friden, Hanna Lövehed and
Sanna Warnemyr from
 The Most Beloved
 Siblings Association
After graduating, two of my friends and I started the Most Beloved Siblings Association (“Föreningen Allra Käraste Syskon”) to continue our work in Lund and Sweden. So far we have spoken to all the teachers at our previous school, the Fredrika Bremer Association, all the school nurses in Lund as well as others about our projects in order to raise awareness and let them know about our request for change. We have also received a lot of attention in Swedish media and people are generally very supporting of our thoughts.

Lund University
In the near future I am planning to apply for Law School and mixing it up
with some Gender Studies - I suppose it is quite clear that feminism and equality is an important passion of mine. Regardless of the career path I eventually choose, equality is definitely something I want to continue to work towards!

I am also very excited about the 6 weeks I will be spending at Peartree Languages. If you need anything or have any questions I am happy to help you at the front desk!
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