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Matilde, our new Italian intern at Peartree Languages. She is going to stay with us till September so please give her a warm welcome or a smiley "Hello" when you come to the school.

Matilde at Peartree Languages
My name is Matilde, I’m 19 years old and I’m a new intern at Peartree Languages!
I come from a little town in the northern area of Italy: Ivrea. I just finished attending the local high school in there and got my diploma. In these past 5 years I’ve been focusing on studying scientific subjects (such as maths, chemistry, biology etc). In September I’m going to start studying engineering in Turin.

Apart from that, studying new languages and keeping in touch with different cultures has always been my main passion, in my study career and in my hobbies as well. I’ve been learning English since I was 6 and I enjoyed that quite a lot. But it was during my first holiday abroad, which happened to be in London, with my family, that I fell in love with the language (that sounded so different from what I used to study in school!) and the country as well.

I’m currently on a school project, which made me experience 12 weeks (started in the second week of July) in Cardiff and I couldn’t be happier! Here people are nice, and the places as well. I actually don’t feel homesick at all, but I think that’s just because I’m not missing anything special about my city during this period.

Matilde is taking loads of pictures while exploring Cardiff
The most special days for my town are in winter, during the Carnival. Our is a really weird tradition, which comes from a very important part of our medieval history: the citizens, divided into 9 teams which represent the 9 different “rioni” (areas) of Ivrea, throw oranges to other citizens who stand on carriages as a symbol of the ancient fight between the tyrant of the city and the inhabitants for their own freedom.

One more thing I honestly miss about my country is the proper Italian strong coffee: it’s hard to survive without that and to find one here in Cardiff as well! Instead, what I really enjoy about Cardiff is the weather: I can’t stand the hot Italian seasons, that’s why I’m so glad to be here in summer :)

I honestly would like to say more about my country and my town, but no words of mine would be enough to make you know what Italy and Ivrea are really like. I’m sure I will enjoy my time here in Cardiff and at Peartree very much, specially for their people!!

Now you know a bit more about me!

Ciao ;)

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