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How to be a good language learner

As you probably all know, we at Peartree Languages always do our best to make sure that your learning experience is successful and awesome and I bet you are all interested in how to become a good language learner.

A good language learner should explore more cultures, so this group of students from
Catalonia decided to visit Wales (Saint Donats Castle)

One of our current Junior Summer School students from Catalonia, Berta, gave her opinion and we would love to share her thoughts:

“What we want to tell you about is how to be a good language learner. There are few things you have to get up to, to learn as fast as possible. 

Firstly, you have to be open-minded about other cultures and countries, because language is an essential part of a culture. 
Being open-minded about other cultures
sometimes starts with supporting the football
team of that country!

Secondly, you need to have a lot of interest to learn the new language, for instance, travelling to the country or place to practise and learn it faster and better. 

To sum up, to be open-minded and have interest on the language will make you a great language learner.” 

Thank you very much, Berta. You hit the mark.

A good language learner is brave

A good learner needs to be brave and try everything!
A person who is good at learning languages is one who is not afraid to make mistakes. Some people don't want to speak a new language because they know they will say stupid things. But you cannot learn if you think this way. You have to tell yourself that it doesn't matter if you make mistakes because that’s what teachers are there for: to help you to progress. Be brave. Get over your fears. Make mistakes and learn from them.

A good language learner practices A LOT 

It takes a lot of time and dedication to learn a new language. Being able to practice well is another thing. It's not just vocabulary that is needed. A good language learner practices proper grammar techniques, speaking, writing, and reading. One other big factor to learning a new language that is important is they also will learn about the culture behind the language.

A good learner needs to practice in every possible way

A good language learner compares different languages. The more, the better. 

A good language learner is someone who can not only memorise but really take in vocabulary. This might be someone who is able to understand the roots of the word and how the word was created. A good language learner also recognises root words and cognates, which can be very similar across languages. It makes it easier, especially with verbs.

So, now that you know what makes a good language learner, let’s make this happen! Keep calm and love Peartree!
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