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Great Summer at Peartree Languages

I can hardly believe that this is the third week of August! It is just not possible! What has happened to the summer? Where has it gone? I really believe that some final, sunny days are heading to Wales. In the mean time though, we would like to share something with you. Are you curious about this blog? Well hmm there is so much that has happened this summer at Peartree Languages, so please sit back, make a cup of tea or coffee and let me tell you about our summery July 2015.

Juniors, juniors, look around and you will see many JUNIORS! 

Peartree Languages has organised a Junior Summer Programme and language course for children aged under 18 for the last four years. The juniors come from different countries and would like to improve their English. As we are more than happy to welcome students, who love English and want to improve this language, we were delighted to welcome many juniors back this year.

Keeping the balance between learning English and activities

Staff here in our main office charged their batteries and in February (yes it takes a long time to get ready) and started with the preparation, for June / July Summer Programme 2015. When we look back now, it seems like it was ages ago, but actually it was only last month when we welcomed students from Spain, Italy, Russia, Turkey and Kuwait. And I can truthfully say that our Juniors had a great time with us, just take a look at the feedback - 96% of students on our course would recommend us! If you would like to know more about the opinions of our juniors in Cardiff we will be bringing you regular blog posts written by them during their course. Here is one from our Italian student, Davide, about his trip to Cardiff Bay – Cardiff Bay through the eyes of juniors.
One of our excursions was to an Owl Sanctuary

We drew the conclusion at Peartree that it was not only our junior students who learned a lot during this time, but also us, we are already thinking about, writing or brainstorming our ideas for the next year. And you can be sure, that it will be epic again!
We are working on it...

Excursions? Here and there around Cardiff and around Wales with us! 

During the whole summer period as part of our Summer courses, for adults and juniors we have been taking our students for a full-day trips and have visited many fun, cultural, historical and entertaining destinations such as Oakwood theme park, Big Pit, The Gower and Swansea, Caerphilly and many more. We have already posted a couple of blog posts about the trips, for example: Let the good times roll! We are happy that our trips have become so popular and that our students even bring along friends and family and are asking us every Monday where we are going the next weekend, eager to jump on the next visit.

Our students in Bristol

The last trip was to Bath with one of our teachers, Bob, and we have lovely pictures from our students (thanks Martin). All pictures from our excursions are available on our Facebook - The next trip is this Saturday and Tristan will take the group to a proper Welsh village called Cowbridge. If you are interested please ask in the main office.

Having ice-cream is very important during the summer

Coffee time or grammar time? Every Friday there is something for you 

Socializing is a great thing and we know that very well. That is why every second Friday we have our free conversation class called Coffee Time. We meet every dedicated Friday at 12:30pm at an Italian cafeteria, Calabrisella, very close to our school. Every student is welcome to pop in and have a free conversation class with one of our teachers (Nicky, Tristan or Bob) and with other students from Peartree. At some point the coffee time might change into a great lunch or a free grammar class, but there is always something special about it. And with the numbers of students that have attended the Coffee Time (more than 20 at some points!!), we can say that it is one of the most popular social activities at Peartree. If you think that we will just let you go home the other Fridays, you are so wrong. Every other Friday, we have our free grammar classes with our Director of Studies, Tristan. In this classes you can ask all questions that you have regarding English grammar. Students from all over the world!
Coffee time and discussion about grammar

Summer does not only bring to Peartree lots of Juniors, but also students from different parts of the world. And during the summer period we have had an amazing range of nationalities. If you are looking for an international language school, where there is not majority domination by any one particular nationality, then Peartree Languages is exactly the school for you. Here is a chart of our nationalities below. Are you able to find yours?

And finally... 

Don’t forget that Peartree Languages is open all year (well, 50 weeks, we close for 2 weeks at Christmas for a little rest!). We would love to welcome you at any time so please keep an eye (remember last week’s blog post?) on our Facebook, Twitter and Website for more news and events, we hope to see you very soon!

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