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Caerphilly Castle and cinema; trip topic- “cars”

Our last trip was to #Caerphilly #Castle  followed by a trip to the #cinema. I (Tereza) was the group leader from Peartree Languages, and as many of you will know, I spend a lot of time in the cinema, so I was able to recommend a good film for everyone to watch.

We met in the morning by the Central Station. Even though the sun was shining and I thought that it would be nice and warm, it wasn’t like that at all. It was cold and windy, so some of our students were a bit chilly because they bit had underestimated the weather in Cardiff!  

Warming up

After a short journey by train we arrived in Caerphilly in the early morning and decided that the best  thing to do was to have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and wait when it wias be bit warmer. By the time we had talked through a couple of interesting topics such as work, what everybody had been doing back in their countries, what they are doing here in Cardiff, their hobbies and families. And then we started on Top Gear and the question of why Jeremy Clarkson had to leave the TV Show. After a long, interesting and at some points very intense conversation (not everybody knew who Jeremy Clarkson or what Top Gear was) we decided to carry on (by now our student should know what 'carry on' means J) with the trip and move to the visit of the castle. 

Our tour of the castle starts!
We walked around for a couple of hours as I explained some aspects of the history and love stories about the people who used to live there. We watched a short video about the history of the castle and took plenty of pictures. By the end of the tour we had learned a number of  new words and were more than ready for our lunch – fish and chips! For some of us it was the first ever portion of fish and chips, while others didn't even try it, but decided to go for something else. With our full bellies we headed back to Cardiff and got ready for the cinema. 

After a very long discussion we decided to watch Fast and Furious 7 (a love of cars was shared by two students). With some explanation (though some of us were a bit lost in the translation) everyone was able to enjoy the film.

All in all I think that everybody had a good time, me included. The students learned some new things and had fun with their classmates.   

We can't wait for the next trip!!
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